1. NASA tests Orion mission
Mars looks a little bit closer tonight after NASA tested the Orion rocket, sending it through its paces on a brief but significant flight that took it two time around Earth’s orbit. The craft, eventually intended for human passengers, flew farther and faster than any manned spacecraft in history. The next plan: to send human beings to Mars. No big deal. [Guardian]

2. Terminator: Genisys trailer released
In a stunning display of dear-God-nobody-asked-for-this, the Terminator franchise has retconned its own retconning with a new movie that sends a different Kyle Reese back in time to meet a different Sarah Connor, this time portrayed by Daenerys Targaryen (er…Emilia Clarke). But on the bright side, we get to see modern-day Arnold Schwarzenegger murder his past self. So…everybody wins? [The Verge]

3. Wild baboons terrorize golfer
The perils of playing golf in South Africa: You might get bested by a monkey. That’s what happened to pro English golfer Luke Donald, who encountered a wild baboon while playing the 13th hole at the Nedbank Golf Challenge. Those damn baboons, always messing with the urbanity. [ESPN]

4. 100 pickled brains vanish
Ninety-nine jars of brains on the wall, 99 jars of braaaainnnsss… The University of Texas at Austin was scratching its head this week over the mysterious disappearance of 100 preserved lumps of gray matter belonging to 1950s mental patients. Turns out that said brains were disposed of more than ten years ago on account of being no longer medically useful. Still, we suspect zombies. [New York Times]

5. Richard III’s remains prove infidelity among the British monarchy
Lancasters…Yorks… Turns out all that vaunted lineage didn’t mean much during the War of the Roses. Researchers have tested the recently rediscovered remains of Richard “Now Is the Winter of Our Discontent” III, only to discover that some lady on the York side for sure cheated on her royal husband. The female ancestral line was pure; the male? Not so much. So much for the divine right of kings. [Smithsonian]