1. Robot lands on comet
The future has officially arrived. After a chase that spanned ten years and more than 6 billion miles, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft finally caught up with Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko this week (try saying that ten times fast). Scientists then pulled off the tricky maneuver of landing Philae, Rosetta’s washing-machine-sized robotic probe, on the hurtling comet—using harpoons! Historic stuff, but Philae still has a long road ahead; it only gets 1.5 hours of sunlight a day, so battery life is gonna be an issue. Still, the probe has been tweeting shots of the view, and is attempting to drill into the comet’s surface. [NPR, Space.com]

2. New Jersey drivers ticketed for not yielding to Donald Duck
In Fort Lee on Halloween, a cop dressed as Donald Duck walked in an out of a crosswalk to catch drivers who weren’t yielding to pedestrians; those who didn’t stop were nailed with $230 tickets. Unsurprisingly, drivers are fighting the charge. “It scared me,” said one woman. “It was a huge duck. If it was a person dressed normally, I think all those people would have stopped.” After all, the book’s called Make Way for Ducklings, not Make Way for a Huge Creepy Guy in a Duck Suit. [WABC-7]


3. Benedict Cumberbatch does 11 impressions in 60 seconds
In an interview with MTV, the otter-faced Sherlock star was issued a challenge: to impersonate as many celebs as possible in a minute. The movie he was plugging was, natch, The Imitation Game. Michael Caine, Owen Wilson, Taylor Swift… Cumberbatch doesn’t knock every single one out of the park, but you gotta give the guy points for variety. [Variety]



4. World’s tallest man meets world’s shortest man
Talk about a study in contrasts. To celebrate Guinness World Records Day (yes, it is a day), the Guinness folks arranged a meeting between 8’3″ Turkish farmer Sultan Kosen and 1’95” Nepalese merchant Chandra Bahadur Dangi—the biggest and littlest dudes in the world, respectively. The two got together in London to shake hands and pose, but somehow failed to join forces as a totally awesome superhero team. [Slate]

5. Giant mystery cat prowling around Disneyland Paris
Rumors were circulating that a tiger was on the loose in Seine-et-Marne, France, the site of Disneyland Paris, after a woman spotted a huge feline figure on Wednesday. Turns out it’s not a tiger, just some other unidentified very large cat. But even though hundreds of police and firefighters have been deployed to search for the thing, all they’ve found so far are giant paw prints. Have we got the French Bigfoot on our hands? Or should we say, Le Chat Avec les Pieds Grands. [The Guardian]