1. OK Go shot their new music video in zero gravity.
OK Go has developed a reputation as The Band That Does the Coolest Music Videos, from filling fields with marching bands to grooving around on treadmills. But they’ve outdone themselves in the new video for “Upside Down and Inside Out,” which was shot in a cosmonaut-training airplane over Russia—literally in zero gravity. The result is trippy, joyous and may make you slightly nauseous. But like the guys sing, “Gravity’s just a habit.”


2. A Breaking Bad–themed café is set to open in Brooklyn.
Leave it to Williamsburg. Restaurateur Deniz Kosan is set to open a new coffeeshop called Walter’s in the trendy Brooklyn neighborhood this coming summer. And yes, that’s Walter as in White, as in Heisenberg: The joint is themed after everyone’s favorite meth n’ murder TV series, and will feature hazmat-suited employees making pour-overs in Erlenmeyer flasks and the like. Kosan first pulled this off in Istanbul, and we’re guessing it’ll be a big hit in America’s hipster haven. Coffee is the danger.

3. Gravitational waves are real and scientists are losing it.
Gravity—it ain’t just for Sandra Bullock anymore. How cool is science? So cool that a team of researchers from the LIGO project were able to listen to the sound of two black holes smashing into each other a billion light years from Earth, and use it to prove Einstein’s century-old theory that gravitational waves are real. What are those, you ask? Oh, just undulations in space-time. It’s a big deal, because…Well, we don’t fully understand, but basically it means that physics is every bit as cool and weird as Einstein thought—and also that we can “hear” the impact of massive cosmic events. Go team science!

4. A million celebrities did a dramatic reading of Justin Bieber lyrics.
Well, not exactly a million—but close. Vanity Fair pulled its weight at the Sundance Film Festival by grabbing 29 big-name actors and sitting them down to do dramatic readings of the lyrics to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.” And if you don’t know that song, those lyrics are mostly, “I’m sorry, yeah, sorry, yeah, sorry.” But watching the likes of Jon Hamm, Maya Rudolph, Natasha Lyonne and Octavia Spencer dig their acting chops into those words is nothing short of sublime.

5. Find out what kind of dog you’d be with a little help from Microsoft.
Mac may have Microsoft beat on most fronts, but the latter does have a one-up when it comes to websites that match human faces to dog faces. A new robot-run site called What-Dog.net lets you upload a photo of any human (or dog, we guess…) and tells you what dog breed that person most resembles, as well as its defining traits. Apparently Marco Rubio is a Labrador Retriever (“waterproof coat”), Bernie Sanders is a Bluetick Coonhound (“loud and enthusiastic”) and Jeb Bush is a Boerboel (“can cause damage when jumping”). For the record, we’re an English Cocker Spaniel—”Outgoing, needs to be told and told again, athletic.”