1. Two brothers pulled an elaborate zombie-apocalypse prank on their sister.
Older brothers, right? Two such fellows, Cabot and Barrett Phillips, took “messing with your kid sister” to a whole new level. Earlier this week, the dudes posted a video to YouTube the time that they tricked their sis, Millicent, into believing that an undead plague had gotten underway while she was having her wisdom teeth out. (It helped that she was still hopped up on drugs from the surgery.) They went so far as to make a fake radio broadcast from the CDC, and demanded that she choose between saving the family dog or cat. “The cat, you idiot!” Millicent hilariously screams. Check out the video below.

2. An octopus plotted a daring nighttime escape from an aquarium.
It’s widely known by now that cephalopods are scarily smart, but seldom are they so relatably plucky as Inky. This octopus, a denizen of the National Aquarium of New Zealand, pulled off a brilliant getaway that his keepers are only now unraveling. When he wasn’t in his tank one morning, aquarium employees followed his sucker tracks (yes!) and put together his path: out through a narrow gap in the top of his enclosure, across the floor and into a drainpipe, which he then rode 164 feet into the sea. Such a badass. His tank buddy Blotchy stayed put, though. That must’ve been quite the dramatic goodbye.

3. Sweden created its own national hotline.
Forget Canada; let’s all move to Sweden if the shambling Cheeto-colored monster becomes president. The friendly Scandinavian country outdid itself with the launch of the “Swedish Number,” a national hotline that connects you to a citizen. Literally the greeting is “Calling Sweden, you will soon be connected to a random Swede.” Launched by the Swedish Tourist Association, the line aims to “show the real Sweden,” a country that opened its doors to more refugees per capita than any other nation in Europe last year. If you want to chat with Swede, call 46-771-SWEDEN. We know we will. [Editor’s note: We tried it, and it didn’t work, but maybe they’re just deluged.]

4. An elaborate new device lets dogs post to social media.
We’re pretty sure if dogs were really able to have Facebook feeds it would read something like, “Pizza? PIZZA. Leash? Walks?? WALKS. Where human go? WHERE. HUMAN. GO. BUTTS. BUTTS.” A new device from Pedigree makes this somewhat possible, only with pictures instead of words. The “Posting Tail” is a wearable camera-sensor array that monitors when the canine in question wags its tail in joy, then takes a picture and posts it to social media. Unsurprisingly, dogs enjoy people, food, shoes, ducks and other dogs. Silly? Yes. Adorable? You bet. “SQUIRREL!”

5. A mysterious giant rock sphere was unearthed in Bosnia.
Meet Semir Osmanagic, an Indiana Jones–esque archeologist who’s a bit of a wackadoo, but seems to have stumbled across something genuinely amazing. He uncovered a 4-to-5-foot spherical object in the woods outside Zavidovici that seems to be made of high-iron stone. The thing is huge, partially buried, and looks super duper alien. Scientists aren’t yet sure what the thing really is, but theories include unusual natural process, made by an ancient undiscovered civilization, and, yes, extraterrestrial. We’ve got our fingers crossed for Door No. 3.