1. A swarm of bees chased a car across Wales.
So that’s where the bees have been disappearing to. When a queen bee allegedly got trapped inside a woman’s Mistubishi, her hive didn’t take it lying down. More than 20,000 bees descended upon 65-year-old Carol Howarth’s car in Haverfordwest, Wales, while she was out shopping. It took a park ranger and two beekeepers to contain the buzzing army, but it didn’t end there: Howarth woke up Monday morning to find the swarm coating her car again. The queen was never found, so we’d advise this lady to watch her back. Bee assassins are the scariest kind.

2. A McDonald’s and a liquor store are engaging in a battle of signage.
Our hero of the week is Sav-Mor Liquors, a packie in Somerville, Massachusetts, that has started a merry war with the McDonald’s across the street. It started with Sav-Mor posting on its sign: “3 EGG MUFFIN $4 / YOUR MOVE MCDONALD’S.” The fast-food chain parried on its own sign with “SAV MOR YOU AINT SEEN MCMUFFIN YET.” The sign-off has gone from throwing shade (“MY BOSS IS ALSO A CLOWN”) to flirtation (“I HAVE A SECRET CRUSH ON THE MCDONALDS SIGN”). We ship it.


3. Captain America was secretly a Nazi this whole time?
As if America weren’t already sliding inexorably toward fascism enough, Marvel has put the nail in the coffin of our national mythology. The first issue of Steve Rogers: Captain America dropped this week in comic book stores, and with it, our hearts into our stomachs. The big reveal? That Steve Rogers—that bright, shiny beacon of hope and freedom who was introduced to the world while literally punching Hitler in the face—has secretly been a Hydra sleeper agent all along. You know, the fascist Nazi terrorist organization he’s been fighting since 1941, when he was first introduced by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, both of whom were Jewish? Yeah. Fans are justifiably up in arms; even onscreen Cap portrayer Chris Evans expressed his dismay on Twitter. Here’s hoping the next issue just says “JK!” on the inside cover.

4. Two daredevils crossed a kilometer of a slackline in the Alps.
These brave, brave psychos. Danny Menisk and Nathan Paulin, who must have at least a little bit of a death wish, didn’t only break the world record for longest slackline walk in history—they freaking doubled it. Sponsored by Red Bull, natch, the two traveled to Aiglun, France, to walk across 3,346 feet of slackline between mountains. Check out the insane footage above, and be amazed that these guys lived to tell the tale.

5. A teenager pranked gallerygoers into thinking a pair of glasses was art.
The thing about contemporary art is that it can sometimes be tricky to tell what’s a masterpiece and what’s just random detritus with a statement attached to it. Bay Area 17-year-old TJ Khayatan decided to test out the ol’ Emperor’s New Clothes principle when he left a pair of garden-variety eyeglasses on the floor of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and walked away. Naturally, Khayatan’s “piece” was swarmed in moments by art lovers snapping photos and attempting to decipher its meaning. But wait… If Khayatan made a statement about the meaninglessness of art by tricking people into thinking a meaningless object was art, than didn’t he make… art? Gonna have to think this one over.