1. King Tutankhamun had a dagger from outer space.
Yes, that King Tut. The ancient Egyptian pharaoh was buried with two daggers—one gold and one a mysterious, unrusted strain of iron. Scientists have been trying to figure out the deal with this second blade since the tomb was first discovered in 1925, and they’ve finally gotten to the bottom of it: The damn thing is made out of a meteorite. The Egyptians called the material “metal from the heaven,” which apparently was super literal. So the pharaohs were totally aliens, right? No other possible explanation.

2. Veep‘s Jonah Ryan is running a very convincing fake congressional campaign.
There’s a pretty simple recipe for making a campaign website, whether you’re running for state assembly or POTUS. So it’s no surprise that Veep has gotten in on the expanded-online-universe game by creating a creepily believable fake homepage for Jonah Ryan (Timothy Simons), the show’s resident weasel. The character is running for Congress in the current season of the politically canny series, and the very real website created for Ryan’s campaign could easily fool a New Hampshire voter who doesn’t get the reference. The page features everything from an all-American banner header to a fake ad depicting a flannel-clad Ryan wielding a manly hatchet. Now if only more about this election season were fictional.

3. Tony Hawk tried skateboarding in zero gravity.
There’ve been a few creative uses for the “Vomit Comet,” zero-G-simulating aircrafts, lately—like OK Go’s insane “Upside Down and Inside Out” music video. Now skateboarding legend Tony Hawk is getting in on the simulated-outer-space game, braving the craft’s famously puke-inducing maneuvering to try out a few Ollies and Grinds without the benefit of gravity. The stunts don’t quite work sans friction, but it’s sure fun to watch Hawk & Co. try, literally bouncing off the walls. Next stop: space?

4. Your ’90s TV nostalgia dreams are starting to bleed into real life.
Your childhood fantasies are becoming real, Gen-Yers, thanks to two IRL re-creations of ’90s-era fictional hangouts. In Chicago, a pop-up restaurant has appeared that’s designed to look exactly like the Max, the diner where Zack, Slater and the other Bayside kids hung out in Saved by the Bell. You’ve got three months to check it out before it goes the way of Jessie’s pill habit. Meanwhile in Manhattan, Viacom has created a replica of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ sewer lair that you can rent from Leonardo on AirBnB for only $10. The lair comes complete with a basketball court, an arcade and gratis pizza delivery. It’s currently booked up, natch. But still—cowabunga.

5. We’ve finally learned the true identity of Ugly Naked Guy from Friends.
And speaking of ’90s television, has the Huffington Post got a scoop for you. Senior staff writer Todd Van Luling set out to get to the bottom of just whose ugly, naked body was the body of Ugly Naked Guy, the Friends gang’s most infamous, high-concept neighbor. Though it was originally thought to be Michael Hagerty (a.k.a. Mr. Treeger), the Wikipedia-fueled rumor proved false. Van Luling encountered several dead ends before he finally found the true UNG: Jon Haugen. The actor said playing the role was “the best time in [his] life,” but fessed up that he was wearing boxer shorts for the shoots. Not so naked after all.