1. Cats know how physics works.
Let the “ball of string theory” jokes commence. Japanese researchers studied the behavior of 30 cats—eight of them from cat cafés, natch—and found that they have a surprisingly strong grasp on the laws of gravity. Using an elaborate experiment with electromagnets and rattling balls, scientists from Kyoto University discovered that their feline subjects have expectations about about whether or not unseen objects exist based on the sounds they hear. So the next time your cat gives you one of those creepy penetrating stares, know that he is studying you with cold, scientific precision—and finding you entirely deficient.

2. Rainn Wilson dropped $25,000 on “The Weezer Experience Bundle.”
Remember back in January when Weezer announced it was dropping a new album in April—and also that fans could pay an easy $25,000 for something called “The Weezer Experience Bundle”? Yeah. The “package” offered, among other things, a bus trip to the Galapagos Islands with Rivers Cuomo himself. In a Funny or Die video, Rainn “Dwight Schrute” Wilson bites the bullet and pays for the experience, which is, naturally, less than anyone could possibly hope for. But it’s worth watching for the pure joy of seeing Rainn and Rivers bonding over their “watery names.”

3. A spinoff of the British Office is coming to Netflix.
And speaking of people who used to be on The Office, Ricky Gervais just can’t seem to quit it. The U.K. Office may have only run for two seasons (while the American version ran a whopping nine), but there’s life in the old girl yet. In 2017, Netflix (plus movie theaters in Britain and Australia) will air David Brent: Life on the Road. The movie will follow Gervais’s odious boss character as he tours with his band, called—yes—Foregone Conclusion. Check out the trailer above, and settle into that familiar cringe pose from the early 2000s.

4. Take a gander at the ugliest color in the world.
Everyone knows the worst word in the world (“moist”) and the worst smell in the world (Subway sandwich bread), but now an Australian research agency has determined the most odious color. Meet Pantone 448, a.k.a. “opaque couché,” a color that most closely matches the poops of a dyspeptic infant. The Australian government employed the GfK agency to discover the ugliest hue in order to put it on cigarette packaging to make smoking appear viscerally unappealing. 448 was the winner, associated in studies with words like “dirty,” “death” and “tar.” Apparently the scheme is indeed leading to a drop in cancer-stick sales, but we dunno. It’s kinda cute, in a gross way.

5. A Russian robot escaped from its lab and ran into traffic.
Teach a robot to love, and you might get it to pen a sonnet or two. Teach a robot to wander, and…you might misplace it pretty fast. Researchers at Promobot in Perm, Russia, have been working on programming a robot to move freely and independently. So naturally, when someone accidentally left a gate open, the A.I. pulled a Johnny 5 and went off in search of adventure. The loose robot didn’t exactly wreak havoc, but it did block traffic for a good 40 minutes before cops and scientists got it safely back home. We hope you enjoyed your vision of the outside world, little bot.