1. You can send your enemies Game of Thrones spoilers with this new service.
We have seen the face of evil, and it’s not Ramsay Bolton or Walder Frey. It’s whomever invented, a service that, for just 99 cents, will anonymously text spoilers to anyone you wish immediately after the latest Game of Thrones episode airs. Talk about trolling. If you are this terrible and want to ruin someone’s night when the season finale airs this Sunday, here’s the website, where you simply have to press the button “Give a man a phone number.” Man, the Faceless Men are getting to be real pricks lately.

2. A maniac engineer built a person-sized Nerf gun.
With some help from his fellow engineering buddies, a guy named Mark Rober built a giant, fully functional Nerf gun that’s bigger than he is and shoots “darts” made from pool noodles and toilet plungers at speeds of 40mph. Watch the video above, in which he absolutely owns his friends wielding regular-size toy weapons. And stay out of his line of fire.

3. Ben Affleck went off on a crazy, expletive-riddled rant about Deflategate.
On his new show, Any Given Wednesday, Bill Simmons asked fellow Boston fan Ben Affleck about Deflategate. Simmons’ question spurred a five-minute-long diatribe about the injustice Affleck believes was visited upon the New England Patriots, beginning with: “Deflategate is the ultimate bullshit fucking outrage of sports… ever.” Other highlights include Affleck imagining the “funny, lovely sex messages from his wife” that Tom Brady must have had on his phone, a guy whom Affleck calls “so fucking classy” and “such a fucking gentleman.” But how do you really feel, Ben?


4. NASA released cool retro posters to recruit Martian explorers.
If we’re gonna get humans to the Red Planet by 2030, it’s time to start thinking ahead. With that in mind, NASA has created a series of 1930s-style travel posters calling for people to join the mission to Mars. The images depict suited-up astronauts scaling red cliff faces, standing over tilled crops and repairing satellite dishes. There’s even an Uncle Sam-style “WE NEED YOU” poster. We get that this decision shouldn’t be undertaken lightly—one-way trip to an inhospitable, airless alien world and all—but uh… where do we sign up?


5. The Caribbean Sea is whistling.
You can’t hear it with your weak-ass human ears, but the Caribbean Sea has something to say. Using satellites orbiting Earth, University of Liverpool scientists detected a sound coming from the bottom of the ocean. The constant, low-pitched tone is likely due to ocean currents hitting the sea basin, creating something that’s akin to a giant whistle. The tone produced is an A-flat, and it’s been alternately called the Rossby Wormhole and the Rossby Whistle.