1. The original Star Wars trilogy got the Bad Lip Reading treatment.
Whether you’ve see The Force Awakens yet or not (and so help us, if you drop any spoilers, we will be forced to lightsaber your head off), easily the most fun way to catch up on Luke and the gang is with these videos. The Bad Lip Reading guys—who previously brought us the sublime “Medieval Land Fun-Time World”—have turned their absurdist lens on all three of the original Star Wars films. And they’ve even enlisted a little extra help from Maya Rudolph and Bill Hader. Because you know you’ve always wanted to hear Han Solo mouthing off about Taco Bell and his pet giraffe.

2. Google released its top searches of 2015.
There’s probably no more accurate snapshot of what’s been on the Web-connected world’s mind than by looking through its Google searches. Topping the list: Lamar Odom, basketball player and Kardashian hanger-on; mediocre box-office giant Jurassic World; MMA fighter Ronda Rousey; and Paris, in the wake of this year’s multiple terrorist attacks. If you want to get more specific, Google has compiled top search results in weirdly precise categories like “Dog Questions,” “Cocktails” and “Women’s Soccer Players.” And most baffling of all—the number one “What if…” search: “What is 0 divided by 0?” Oy.

3. NASA is hiring astronauts for Mars-related missions.
Paging all wannabe Sally Rides, Mark Watneys and Major Toms: NASA has put out the call to hire a new generation of astronauts to join future missions, ones that will bring mankind closer to setting foot on the Red Planet. The space folks are taking applications now through February 2016. But before you start polishing your resume, be advised: You need to have a background in something engineering, science or medicine-related to make the cut. Doesn’t the cosmos need a few people with bachelor’s degrees in English lit? …Maybe? …No? Ugh, fine.

4. Kevin McCallister got dark in his mini Home Alone sequel.
We suppose we shouldn’t be surprised: Leaving a kid alone two Christmases in a row and then forcing him to battle two criminals doesn’t make for a well-adjusted adult. In the first episode of Jack Dishel’s web series :DRYVRS, Macaulay Culkin plays a grown-up Kevin, driving an Uber and looking haunted by the ghosts of his ’90s past. Let’s just say: He’s seen some shit, and he’s not doing that cute scream face anymore. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.

5. This is your brain on Christmas.
Christmas and science: together at last. A team of researchers in Denmark have used an MRI machine to measure, of all things, the place where “Christmas spirit” resides inside our brains. The findings? A particular visual part of the cerebral cortex lit up when Yule celebrators looked at Christmas-y images versus non-Christmas-y images. “Although merry and intriguing, these findings should be interpreted with caution,” the scientists hilariously wrote. Merry and intriguing indeed.