1. Obama chats with Seinfeld on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.
True, the POTUS isn’t technically a comedian. But that didn’t stop him from climbing into a 1963 Corvette Stingray with Jerry Seinfeld to shoot the breeze on the Season 7 premiere of his web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Seinfeld wasn’t allowed to take Obama off the White House grounds, but they still did the requisite tooling around and caffeine-drinking, while the Prez candidly talked about the finer points of living in the White House, his workout routine and his favorite brand of underwear. And, of course, Seinfeld managed to awkwardly steal an apple from a fruit bowl in the Oval Office.

2. Guns N’ Roses and LCD Soundsystem will reunite at Coachella.
Never say never. Buzzy California music fest Coachella announced two big reunions as part of its 2016 lineup: Hard rock legends Guns N’ Roses, despite a longstanding feud between founding members Axl Rose and Slash, and LCD Soundsystem, the New York City electro-rock outfit who played a storied farewell show in 2011. (So much for Shut Up and Play the Hits—but we’re still pumped.) LCD Soundsystem released a moody holiday single, “Christmas Will Break Your Heart,” earlier this week, and rumors abound of a potential stadium tour from Guns N’ Roses.

3. Russian YouTuber lights 10,000 sparklers in honor of 2016.
Who doesn’t love a big, bright New Year’s Eve spectacle? And if it’s dangerous and involves stupid amounts of fire, so much the better. Russian YouTube dude SlivkiShow, known for life hacks and crazy stunts, stuffed a barrel with 10,000 sparklers, put it in the middle of a field, and rigged an extra-long selfie stick to film the whole thing. And as if the massive wall of flame wasn’t enough, the video also involves an adorable cat in a Santa hat. Happy New Year, everyone.

4. Church suspends priest for hover boarding on Christmas Eve.
That’s one way to get the younger generation to go to church. A Filipino Catholic priest was filmed gliding past the pews on a hover board at a Christmas Eve mass. The parishioners cheered, but the Roman Catholic Diocese was piiiiiisssed. They suspended the cool-dude priest, saying that what he did was “wrong” and that he needed time to “reflect.” We personally think it was “awesome,” and we hope that the guy is off somewhere “shredding.”

5. New shark species, ninja lanternshark, is as badass as advertised.
You would not want to run into one of these things down a dark alley. Or in a dark deep-water reef, for that matter. Scientists have named a recently discovered type of shark the ninja lanternshark, which is probably the most 10-year-old-boy name for a species ever. The shoe fits, though: This 1.5-foot-long beast, which lives far below the Pacific off the coast of Central America, is all black with bioluminescent organs that allow it to give off its own light. Pretty ninja. But even better may be its technical name: Etmopterus benchleyi, in honor of Peter Benchley, the author of Jaws.