1. Guy snowboards on clouds
If your eight-year-old self was anything like ours, you basically wanted to be Kit Cloudkicker, the air-surfing bear kid from TaleSpin, when you grew up. One guy is living the dream as much as the laws of physics allow. Stuntman Adrian “Wildman” Cenni strapped on a snowboard and strapped himself to a helicopter. He then took to the skies over Sweden, “surfing” on tufted clouds while soaring 6,000 feet in the air. [Gizmodo]

2. Trevor Noah tries The Daily Show chair on for size
Ever since Jon Stewart announced that his last day behind the anchor’s desk at The Daily Show would be August 6 (don’t go, Jon!), comedy-news fans have been wondering when his successor, Trevor Noah, would take over. Wonder no more: The South African comedian will officially take the reins on September 28. Noah teased his ascendancy in the below vid, in which he tests out the desk while Stewart’s not looking. [Fast Company]

3. Wasp named for Harry Potter monster is the stuff of nightmares
An impressive 139 new species have recently been discovered in China’s Greater Mekong, including a many-teethed vampire bat and a giant stick bug. But the craziest—and scariest—is a wasp that turns cockroaches into “passive zombies” by injecting venom into their bellies. Scientists have christened this terrifying insect Ampulex dementor, named for the creatures in Harry Potter who suck the souls out of wizards. It tracks. [Washington Post] [Live Science]

4. One in four Harvard kids graduate as virgins
According to an email survey of Harvard University’s graduating class, students at the Ivy don’t get it on nearly as much as your average co-ed. Of 760 surveyed, 21% said they had never had sex. On the other hand, they still booze and toke with the best of ’em: 60% drink at least once a week, and 40% have used marijuana. You gotta work on that debauchery, smart kids. [The Guardian]

5. Bob’s Burgers writer will see Entourage movie for $10,000
How much does Bob’s Burgers scribe Wendy Molyneux Drake hate Entourage? So much that she’ll only see the upcoming—and sure to be awful—movie for $10 grand. With that in mind, Drake started a GoFundMe page eliciting donations, all of which will be used to fight pediatric cancer. In only three days, she’s raised nearly $17,000, including a donation from actor Jerry Ferrara, who plays Turtle. Drake is hilariously crabby about the whole thing: “Anyway, thanks/fuck off, America. I need to go look into changing my identity and leaving the country to avoid this terrible fate.” [Uproxx]