1. Today is National Orgasm Day
In addition to being the birthday of Wesley Snipes, J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter, July 31 also marks a very important made-up holiday: National Orgasm Day. We don’t really need to tell you the best way to celebrate, but the Daily Mirror has some fun facts about la petit mort for your reading…er…pleasure, and Men’s Fitness has a handy compendium of sex tips. Happy…happy!

2. Hitchhiking robot making its way across America
Who needs thumbs when you have…um…circuits? HitchBOT is a smiling, dish-glove-wearing, all-around-adorable robot who, as the name would suggest, travels the world via hitchhiking. The lil’ fella has seen a lot of the world already, thumbing rides in Canada, Germany and the Netherlands. But now it’s setting its sights on the ultimate road trip nation: The U.S.A. HitchBOT’s support team wrote a bucket list for the robot that includes stops like Mount Rushmore, Walt Disney World and Times Square. You can follow its perambulations on Twitter, and maybe even give a lift yourself. (This is literally the one time it’s a good idea to pick up a hitchhiker.) [Nerdist]

3. Chris Froome wins the Tour de France
Kenyan-born Brit Chris Froome took top honors for the second year (his last win was in 2013) at the world’s biggest-deal cycling competition. The poor guy had a cup of pee thrown at him thanks to unproven doping rumors, but a win is a win. This year’s race also got an inside-viewing boost thanks to dynamic video captured by GoPros that show competitors zooming around tight corners on mountain roads and past cheering crowds, and even a multi-biker pileup on a rainy street. Still less treacherous than working as a bike messenger in Manhattan, though. [CNN]

4. Hulu’s Difficult People trailer contains every funny person
It should come as no surprise that the most amazing collection of comedians should turn out for Difficult People, Hulu’s new show starring Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner. Amy Poehler is producing it, after all. Eichner and Klausner play two grumpy comedians who seem to hate everything except each other, in a story that Klausner describes as “Curb Your Enthusiasm if the two leads had never created Seinfeld.” The trailer looks like a comedy who’s-who: Seth Meyers, Amy Sedaris, Fred Armisen and Martin Short are just a few of the million cameos. Check it out below. [EW]

5. Archeologists unearth skeletons of early Colonial leaders in Jamestown
This one’s for you, U.S. history buffs. Smithsonian scientists poking around the site of Jamestown, the first permanent British settlement in North America, have puzzled through the remains of four big-cheese settlers, discovered beneath the ruins of a church. Among the bodies are Captain Gabriel Archer, a badass explorer (and John Smith’s rival), and Reverend Robert Hunt, Jamestown’s resident chaplain. Both men were members of the first expedition to the spot. The country pretty much wouldn’t exist without these guys, so this find is a pretty big deal. [Smithsonian]