1. Blood moon to paint the sky red
There’s a lot to celebrate this weekend—Easter if you’re Christian, Passover if you’re Jewish, or the return of Mad Men if you’re godless existentialist like Don Draper. But the sky is throwing a party too on Saturday night, as the western half of North America will be treated to a total lunar eclipse that will turn the moon a gory shade of red. But blink or you’ll miss it—astronomers have indicated that it will be the briefest eclipse of the century. (Well, you’ll have 9 to 12 minutes, but still…) [National Geographic] 

2. Two pandas set panda-sex record
It’s notoriously difficult to get giant pandas to mate in captivity, so it’s kind of a big deal when they get it on. Enter Lu Lu and Zhen Zhen, two black-and-white bears who copulated for an unprecedented 7 minutes and 45 seconds at the Giant Panda Research and Protection Center in China. (On average, panda sex lasts for less than two minutes.)  Lu Lu’s impressive bear boner has earned him the hilarious nickname “Enduring Brother” in the Chinese media. Godspeed, you randy endangered species. [Gawker]

3. The Man Who Fell to Earth and Groundhog Day musicals in development
Everyone’s favorite glam-rock alien David Bowie will be revisiting his 1976 film about…a glam-rock alien in Lazarus, a new musical based on The Man Who Fell to Earth. He’ll be behind the scenes this time, writing new songs for the show and rearranging old ones. And that’s not the only cult classic set to get the song-and-dance treatment; the team behind Broadway’s much-lauded Matilda musical (including musician Tim Minchin) has announced an adaptation of 1993 Bill Murray vehicle Groundhog Day. We personally can’t wait for the inevitable “Ned! …Ryerson!” number. [NY Times] [Variety]

4. Missing sailor found alive 200 miles off coast
Meet your new hero: Louis Jordan, who went missing in January after he took his sailboat out off the coast of South Carolina and was discovered Thursday 200 miles east of Cape Hatteras by a German container ship. Jordan managed to keep himself alive on the hull of his capsized vessel for more than 60 days, subsisting on rainwater and net-caught fish. He came away from it all only mildly dehydrated, and was in such good spirits that he declined medical treatment when the Coast Guard brought him to shore. Makes Tom Hanks in Cast Away look downright whiney by comparison—and Jordan didn’t even have a volleyball to talk to. [Associated Press]

car copy

5. Self-driving car completes 3,400-mile journey
Does it count as a road trip if no one is there to take it? A robotic car made by a company called Delphi just drove across 15 states, starting in San Francisco and arriving in New York City without having destroyed a single life or property, and relying on its backup human driver only 1 percent of the time. It’s the farthest an autonomous vehicle has driven on its own by a longshot. That’s cool and all, but how long until this thing transforms into a death machine and pulls a Decepticon-style takeover of Earth? [Wired]