1. Every movie character ever meets in epic mashup.
Somebody’s got a lot of editing software and way too much time on their hands. YouTuber Antonio Maria Da Silva has put all other film mashups to shame with a ten-minute video called “Hell’s Club” in which every movie hero or villain—from Anakin Skywalker to Patrick Bateman to Pinhead—come together in one neon-lit nightclub. We’re not sure what’s trippier: Saturday Night Fever Travolta gazing at Pulp Fiction Travolta across the dance floor, or the Terminator gunning down Scarface. Oh, and Michael Jackson’s there for some reason? Just watch.

2. New proto-human species discovered in South Africa.
Meet homo naledi, a new branch of pre-human hominid discovered in a cave outside Johannesburg. Researchers have uncovered a whopping 15 skeletons, proving that this newly unearthed species of apeman actually buried its dead. It’s the largest humanoid fossil discovery in the history of African digs, which is a pretty big deal. Scientists don’t know what era of prehistory naledi hails from yet, but with a haul of bones this big, we’ll soon find out a whole bunch about this particular missing link.

3. Key & Peele rides off into the sunset.
After five seasons of high-grade sketch comedy, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have called it quits on their much-beloved series this week. Who knows what we’ll do without Obama’s anger translator or terrible girlfriend Meegan’s death stares, but there’s no denying that Key & Peele has had a huge influence on comedy—whether it’s unflinching looks at racism or silly collections of football player names. Check out this vid from the finale, in which the Ghostbusters theme singer goes off the deep end.

4. iPhones will get a fresh batch of emoji.
Soon it’ll be even easier to communicate only in pictograms (because actual words are so 2005), thanks to a new crop of emoji coming in iOS 9.1 later this year. Among the new symbols that you can somehow reinterpret in creepy sexual ways: a unicorn, a scorpion, a badminton racquet, a robot, a burrito, and the official flag of Vatican City. Get those texting thumbs ready, pervs. 

5. Australia unleashes starfish-killing robots.
Queensland University of Technology scientists have invented a high-tech way to deal with the Great Barrier Reef’s infestation of Crown-of-Thorns starfish: death by A.I. A submersible bot will patrol the floor of the world’s largest reef, spotting the weird-looking invasive species and administering a deadly injection of something called “bile salts.” This all sounds a little supervillain to us, but we suppose the robot and its inventors will just have to deal with the wrath of Aquaman when the time comes.