1. Pope Francis visits America and goes pop.
It’s widely acknowledged that Pope Francis is the coolest pope to don the miter since…well, probably ever. So it’s no surprise that on his trip to America, he’s basically getting The Beatles treatment. Snapchat created a special filter for his stopover in New York City, and Jim Gaffigan, Aretha Franklin and Sister Sledge are performing for him in Philly this weekend. But zaniest of all, the Pope is set to release a pop-rock album in November called Wake Up! No, he won’t be singing—but his speeches will be set to decidedly modern music. Are Catholics, like…cool now?

2. The Warriors ride again.
Old cult movie stars never die; they just bide their time, waiting for the perfect moment to pull off a delightful publicity stunt. That moment arrived for the cast of The Warriors, Walter Hill’s 1979 classic about a Brooklyn gang taking a fraught subway ride home to Coney Island. Wearing their signature leather vests, a group of the now-aged Warriors boarded the Q train once more earlier this month to visit a fan-organized event in their old stomping grounds. Check out the video of Swan, Cochise, Vermin and the rest of the guys on the MTA above.

3. A Nutella fight breaks out at California Costco.
Propriety is officially dead. At a Burbank, CA, Costco this week, violence erupted over a free-samples cart when 78-year-old Sahak Sahakian called out a younger shopper for bogarting all the Nutella. The guy responded by punching Sahakian in the face so hard that he had to be hospitalized. He’s now in the slammer on a hefty bail, where presumably, there is no delicious hazelnut spread available to box over.

4. You can lie better if you have to pee really bad.
The human brain is a strange and mysterious place. A team of researchers led by Iris Blandon-Gitlin tested how well subjects were able to prevaricate with their bladders full of water, and found that humans are better at lying the more they have to go. The theory is that “inhibition control centers” are activated in the brain by the act of pee retention. So by holding back your piss, you’re also better at holding back the truth. Still doesn’t seem like it’s worth the inevitable UTI.

5. A whale skeleton was unearthed on top of a mountain.
It only takes a whale 4 million years to travel from the bottom of the sea to the top of the land, thanks to the magic of tectonic shifts. While working on a housing development near Santa Cruz, construction workers unearthed a crazy find on a mountainside: the almost intact remains of a prehistoric, 25-foot-long mysticete whale. It’s extremely rare to find such a complete fossil this far from its onetime habitat. We’re still not convinced it didn’t just fall from the sky, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy–style.