1. A dinosaur ran the American Ninja Warrior course.
What’s the only thing more hilarious than a T-Rex trying to perform tasks with its tiny, tiny arms? A human being in a T-Rex costume trying to run an obstacle course, naturally. American Ninja Warrior competitor Reko Rivera donned a ridiculous inflatable dino suit and went through the reality show‘s obstacle course in the getup. The result is even more hilarious than you’re probably picturing. Just try not to laugh at that giant, ferocious head wobbling around on the rope swing.

2. Pluto and Mars are both Earth-ier than we thought.
It’s been a big week for space-is-cozier-than-we-thought news. More data from NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto has shown that not only does the distant dwarf planet have blue skies, like our own dear Earth, it also has frozen water on its surface. (The water looks like it’s red, but hey—beggars can’t be choosers.) Meanwhile, the Curiosity rover that we’ve got trawling Mars has found evidence of an ancient lake that once filled a giant crater, hinting at the notion that the Red Planet may once have been much more Earth-like.

3. New Airbus patent for airplane seating is just the worst
Ever find yourself flying coach and thinking, “This tiny seat is just too gosh-darn roomy?” Well you’re in luck, you masochist, because plane manufacturer Airbus recently filed a patent to double passenger capacity, creating stacked seats on top of preexisting seats. Think bunk beds, but from hell. This didn’t work out so great when they tried it on Orange Is the New Black, either.

4. Brian Blessed once delivered a random baby in a park.
Human Viking-bear hybrid/actor Brian Blessed is even more hardcore than his giant beard would suggest. In a recent interview, the venerable Brit recounted the story of a time in the 1960s when he came upon a woman giving birth under a tree in a London park. But wait, it gets weirder. Not only did Blessed deliver the baby on his own (to the mother, who recognized him from Z Cars), he then bit off the umbilical cord and licked the newborn’s face. Talk about taking fan service to a whole new level.…

5. Weird new medical codes cover every injury under the sun.
Medical providers have been issued a whopping new list of diagnostic codes to classify patient injuries—and boy, do they run the gamut. The tenth edition of the International Classification of Diseases includes such common injuries as “prolonged stay in weightless environment,” “bitten by macaw” and “other contact with goose, initial encounter.” So even as you’re nursing that parrot bite, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone.