1. Two doppelgangers meet on a plane and become drinking buddies.
Cloning: real, maybe? Scottish photographer Neil Thomas Douglas was on a flight to Ireland this week when he saw a very peculiar sight—himself. A stranger who bore an uncanny resemblance to him—big red beard and all—was sitting in his seat. The two snapped a photo, but the universe wasn’t done with them yet. Turns out they were both staying at the same hotel in Galway. So naturally, they went out and drank about it.

2. Earth cracks open in the Bighorn Mountains.
No big deal, but the planet might be eating itself. A massive rift has recently and mysteriously opened up in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains, as spotted by a backcountry hunting tour guide. The scary-looking thing is 750 yards long and up to 50 yards wide. The Wyoming Geological Survey is calling it a landslide, the Internet is calling it “The Crack,” and we’re calling it OH GOD THE LIZARD PEOPLE FROM THE CENTER OF THE EARTH HAVE COME FOR OUR SOULS. RUNNNNN! (Catchy, no?)

3. Jeopardy! features a dumb, hot contestant who gets the most absurd treatment.
It’s been a week of weird for Alex Trebek’s long-running quiz show. First, a YouTuber whose avatar is a moose posted an inexplicably hilarious video called “Jeffpardy!” in which—yes—all the categories, answers and contestants’ names have been replaced by the word “Jeff.” Then, a contestant named Tom Flynn showed up on the show, looking 100 percent sexier than any Jeopardy! contestant before or since. But his brains didn’t match. Cute, pouty Tom was at the bottom the whole show, culminating in a Final Jeopardy! answer that simply read: “WHAT.” Oh, Tom. Oh, honey.

4. A party comet emits booze and sugar.
Afterparty on the screaming ice ball! This week, scientists discovered that A Comet Named Lovejoy (not to be confused with A Streetcar Named Desire) is shooting off more than just space dust in its tail: At its peak, Lovejoy is giving off what would amount to 500 bottles of wine’s worth of ethyl alcohol, in addition to large amounts of sugar. It’s releasing 20 tons of this stuff per second. Any way someone can head up there and bottle that?

5. A woman takes engagement photos with a pizza.
If you’re like us, you’re probably sick to death of the nonstop engagement and wedding photos smarming up your Facebook feed. So many happy couples in so many pretty poses. Jerks. (What? We’re not bitter, we swear.) Badass Canadian lady Nicole Larson decided to announce that she was all she needed by shooting a series of photos with her one true love: a box of Pizza Hut pie. The photos are a spot-on parody of classic professional engagement shots: Nicole and pizza cuddling on a bench, Nicole and pizza peeking at each other around the edge of a tree, Nicole and pizza demurring on a picturesque bridge… All we can say is: Get it, gurl.