1. Chinese construction workers unearth 43 dinosaur eggs
Paging Daenerys Targaryen. Road workers in the city of Heyuan paused construction this week when their equipment uncovered a huge cache of dragon (er, we mean dinosaur) eggs. Many of the eggs were found in one piece, and the biggest fella is more than 7 inches around. Heyuan has something of a reputation for dino ovum—upwards of 13,000 eggs have been discovered in the area in the past 20 years alone. Of course, it could all be a publicity stunt for Jurassic World, which got its first full trailer this week. Anyone notice Chris Pratt lurking around the construction site? [SCMP]

2. Inside Amy Schumer parodies Friday Night Lights, skewers rape culture
In the first episode of its first season, Amy Schumer’s always on-point sketch show aired a Friday Night Lights send-up that’s simultaneously a loving parody of the much-loved series and a cutting takedown of football’s culture of casual sexual assault. Sports Night‘s Josh Charles plays the Coach Taylor stand-in whose uplifting message to his team is “Clear eyes, full hearts, don’t rape!” Bonus points for Schumer’s comically massive wine glass. [Mic]

3. Woman’s headaches caused by embryonic brain twin
The human body is a weird, weird place. Yamini Karanam, a 26-year-old PhD student, went to her doctor complaining of debilitating headaches and visual and auditory problems, which surgeons took to be caused by a tumor lodged in the middle of her brain. Turns out that tumor was in fact a teratoma—a tiny mass of bone, hair and teeth—sitting on Karanam’s pineal gland. Not quite an undeveloped sibling, but close enough. Karanam, who’s now on the mend, jokingly called the thing her “evil twin sister.” [Washington Post]

4. Yellowstone perched atop a subterranean supervolcano
It’s long been known that there’s volcanic activity beneath geyser-filled Yellowstone National Park, but it turns out our prior knowledge was only the tip of the…volcano. Scientists from the University of Utah took seismological measurements and discovered a staggeringly huge reserve of magma underground—enough to fill up 14 Grand Canyons. Though the researchers don’t believe an eruption is coming any time soon; but if and when there is one, it will likely alter the face of the planet—and its atmosphere, too. Nobody panic, K? [CNN]

5. Racist Adam Sandler jokes lead to mass set walk-off
This guy gets less funny by the day, we swear. Native American extras were called in to film a scene for upcoming Adam Sandler Netflix Western The Ridiculous Six. But once they started hearing the jokes that Sandler and his cowriter Tim Herlihy had penned, they walked right off set. To give you a sampling, the script includes characters named Beaver Breath, No Bra and Sits-on-Face, and the line, “Say honey: How ’bout after this, we go someplace and I put my peepee in your teepee.” Just the worst. [Gawker]