1. Mayweather-Pacquiao to duke it out Saturday night
It’s the big fight that has boxing buffs chomping at the bit. How much are they into it? So much that they’re willing to shell out $89.99 just to watch it on TV; so much that tickets to the live fight are reselling for more than $10,000; so much that everyone seems to be cool with turning a blind eye on Floyd Mayweather’s long history of domestic abuse. But if you’ve got the dough and the plausible deniability, tune in to see the welterweight legends trade blows this weekend. We recommend a finding bar with a cheap cover. [Vox]

2. British street artist paints dicks on potholes
In what may be the cleverest-ever ploy to rush road improvements, a graffiti artist is tagging Manchester, England’s, myriad potholes with giant effigies of penises. His handle? Wanksy, of course. The strategy has been a success: the city has been rushing to pave over Wanksy’s dickholes, repairing the problem in the process. Because bikers hurting themselves on busted roads isn’t a cause for concern, but cartoon wangs on city streets? Call in the brigade. [Huffington Post]

3. How Old Do I Look makes everyone feel ancient, shitty
Mirror, mirror on the wall… Microsoft has played into the human race’s endless vanity with a new website[LINK: http://how-old.net/] that uses an algorithm to guess people’s ages based on an uploaded photograph. Naturally, the website was swarmed within hours, leading Twitter outcries or brags based on how far off base the robot was. Naturally, it thinks that Madonna is a sprightly 27. The whole thing is several levels of gross and unsettling. As Geordie Guy points out in the Guardian, “Microsoft is harvesting thousands of faces. Uh, isn’t that creepy?” Somebody must have written a sci-fi story about this in the ’70s, right? [The Guardian] 

4. Base jumpers leap off Dubai’s second-tallest building
This one’s not for those with a fear of heights. Amateur daredevils got the chance to base jump off of Princess Tower, a Dubai skyscraper that, at 101 stories, is the second-tallest residential building on the planet. A group of 558 lucky crazy people made the 1,358-foot leap, and the video footage will give you a head rush even if you’re just sitting at your desk. We particularly admire the human pyramid guys. [Gizmodo]

5. Rugby players have teeth replaced by bottle openers
It is a truth universally acknowledged that rugby plays lose teeth faster than trees shed leaves, and they need something to fill those gaps in their smiles—why not a bottle popper? Salta beer, in partnership with an Argentine ad agency, sponsored rugby pros who had lost their teeth to have them replaced with specially-designed metal implants that double as beer openers. That’s one way to crack a cold one. [Ad Week]