1. Coldplay pens fake, glorious Game of Thrones musical
This year, NBC got on board with Britain’s Red Nose Day charity event, which essentially involves a bunch of celebrities make cheery fools of themselves for a good cause. It was the occasion for avowed Game of Thrones fans Coldplay to play with the idea of a musical version of the beloved, twisted HBO show. A good chunk of the cast played along, and the result is something that we dearly wish was real.

Highlights include Kit Harrington performing a Jon Snow version of “Wild Thing” called “Wildling” and Emilia Clarke donning a rainbow beanie to jam out about dragons Marley-style on “Rastafarian Targaryen.” Just watch. [Vulture]

2. Letterman and friends deliver the final Top 10
With friends like these, who needs enemies? For The Late Show‘s final Top 10 list after decades and decades of them, outgoing host David Letterman invited ten of his favorite regular guests to deliver the “Top 10 Things I’ve Always Wanted to Say to Dave.” Celebs including Steve Martin, Tina Fey, Peyton Manning and Bill Murray got good-natured burns in. But the funny-because-it’s-true prize must go to Chris Rock, who tossed off: “I’m just glad your show is being given to another white guy.” [Rolling Stone]

3. Geologists grill steaks with lava
Here’s one creative option for your Memorial Day barbecue this weekend: Why cook with boring ol’ charcoal when you could be cooking with molten rock from deep beneath the Earth’s crust? A team from Syracuse University tossed some steaks and hot dogs on the volcanic barbie as part of something called the Lava Project. Hope you like ’em well charred. [Mental Floss]

4. Fed-up dude disrobes in airport
Protest comes in many forms. For a disgruntled traveler at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina, that took the form of public nudity. After the unidentified man went off on a gate attendant over an overbooked flight to Jamaica, he took off all of his clothes and spent a solid hour buck naked in the concourse. “I was not expecting to see nothing like that,” a fellow flyer said. At least he saved airport security time on a strip search. [Charlotte Observer]

5. Spiders rain down on southern Australia
It’s raaaainin’ spiders, whatever the opposite of hallelujah is, it’s rainin’ spiders… Your average God-fearing human’s worst nightmare came to pass in Australia this week, as countless spider babies fell from the sky across Australia’s arid Southern Tablelands, covering the ground in acres of arachnids and white webs. If it makes you feel any better, it wasn’t really a spider rain; the little fellas were “ballooning” from the treetops on strings of silk, letting the wind carry them far and wide. Yeah, that doesn’t really make it any less horrifying. [Smithsonian]