1. Maniacal radio DJ played “Last Christmas” 24 times in a row.
Austrian radio host Joe Kohlhofer got into the Christmas spirit hard this week. On his morning show, Antennae Carinthia, he barricaded the door against his cohost and proceeded to play Wham!’s “Last Christmas” on a maddening loop, despite multiple listeners calling in to tell him to make it stop. Kohlhofer only stepped back the madness when his daughter contacted the station to say how much she hated the song. Family driving family crazy publically: ’Tis the season.

2. Nicolas Cage bought a contraband dinosaur skull from Mongolia.
Yes, that is a real headline and not, in fact, the plot of a Nic Cage movie. The actor won a fossilized Tyrannosaurus bataar head at an auction in 2007 (supposedly outbidding Leonardo DiCaprio) for a cool $276,000. It has since been discovered that the skull was illegally removed from Mongolia by paleontologist/smuggler Erik Prokopi, so Cage agreed to forfeit his hard-won prehistoric remains. We’re still not entirely convinced that this isn’t a thrown-out Indiana Jones subplot brought to life.

3. SpaceX landed a rocket after a space launch.
Get ready for space history in the making, people: Elon Musk’s SpaceX changed the game after its Falcon 9 rocket not only shot smoothly out of Earth’s atmosphere, it then returned ten minutes later and landed upright. People on the ground were jubilant, and it’s no wonder; if we can reuse rockets, it’s a major step for the viability of affordable space travel. This is SpaceX’s third attempt at pulling off the feat—the first time it exploded, and the second time it fell over. But hey, third time’s a charm.

4. Cards Against Humanity may destroy a Picasso.
The minds behind party game Cards Against Humanity have become famous for their holiday stunts (last year they sent customers boxes of literal cow shit). But this year, they’re going even crazier. They bought an actual 1962 Picasso print with money from a Hanukkah sale, and they’re giving subscribers a choice: to donate the artwork to the Art Institute of Chicago, or cut it into 150,000 pieces with a laser cutter and give a slice to each subscriber? Horrible, yes, but also kind of an amazing art piece in and of itself. We’re still pulling for the print, though.

5. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lights Up the Box Office.
No, really. In five days of release, the film has earned more than $300 million domestically and nearly $700 million worldwide—or roughly 306 times as much cash as (sigh) Jem and the Holograms. It’s already the 40th highest-grossing US film of all-time, and it’s actually good! Guess the Force is with J.J. Abrams—and you have something to do when you’re sick of talking with your relatives…