sick girlfriend

Taking care of your sick girlfriend can seem like a drag, but don’t miss this golden opportunity to score some major points. If you show the right amount of sympathy and do your best to be an excellent caregiver, your girlfriend isn’t likely to forget once she’s all better. She may even be so grateful that she rewards you in an extra special way. At the very least, you’ll know that she’ll be there for you if you ever get sick enough to need cared for.

couple watching tv

Entertain your girlfriend. Just because your girlfriend is sick doesn’t mean she can’t get bored. In fact, being sick can get boring fast, and one of the best things you can do for your special girl is give her something to do. This can range from renting a movie to playing cards to just listening to some relaxing music.

couple snuggle in bed

Touch her. Don’t underestimate the power of touch when it comes to tips for taking care of your sick girlfriend. Stroke her hair. Hold her hand or jump into bed for a good snuggle. Nothing will make your girlfriend feel more loved and well cared for, and she’s much more likely to be grateful once the sickness has passed.

couple talking

Ask your girlfriend what she needs. Sometimes, you won’t know what your sick girlfriend needs unless you ask her. This simple gesture can make you look like a hero, even if all she needs is a new box of tissues or a cup of tea. Keeping the lines of communication open while your girlfriend is sick will reassure her that you want to be taking care of her and that you’ll be there when she needs you.

man on phone

Call her often. If you live separately or if you have to leave to go to work, check in with your girlfriend. This might be the most important of the five tips for taking care of your sick girlfriend, and it goes right along with keeping the lines of communication open. You never know when your girlfriend might need something, so make yourself available even if you can’t be by her side.

sick woman in bed

Watch out for warning signs. When your girlfriend is sick, you should be aware of the more serious ailments that can occur. For example, what looks like a simple cold could actually be a mono infection or worse yet, pneumonia. If possible, talk to your girlfriend’s doctor so you’re aware of what symptoms you need to be looking out for.