Creating the perfect home movie date is not very difficult at all. It does, however, require a bit of planning on your part. In order to create the perfect home movie date, all you have to do is take complete control. Don’t leave anything up to chance. You set the mood, you create the meal, and you choose the movie (based of course on her interests). There’s no chance what-so-ever that she won’t like the effort you put forth in planning the date.

Prepare the meal.

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Anybody can order Chinese take out. It takes a special kind of guy to slave over a hot stove to impress is lady. Be that guy. Don’t tell her what you’re cooking. Make it a surprise. But  do make it one of her favorite dishes. Have it a little more than halfway prepared when she arrives. Let her see you work your culinary magic, but don’t let her know what it is. Her nose will clue her in.

Comfortable setting.

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Make sure your bachelor pad is clean, first and foremost. Have a light fragrance in the air she’ll enjoy. Make sure you have a drink ready for her as soon as she steps through the door (one you know she likes). Also, comfortable pillows will help her to get settled while you finish preparing the meal.

Light Music.


Have some music playing just high enough to hear it. It doesn’t have to be overly romantic, but you do want something that’ll relax her. Certain jazz, i.e. Miles Davis or John Coltrane, always works. But, you will not be relying on the music to entertain her while you cook.


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As stated earlier, you don’t want to rely on the music to entertain her, especially if this is her first time at your pad. Engage in interesting conversation, preferably where she does most of the talking. This will accomplish three things. You’ll be able to finish cooking without too much distraction. You’ll be able to gather information about her and seem really interested. Finally, you ‘ll appear as if you cook all the time and a little conversation won’t ruin your meal. All of which will impress her.


reese witherspoon

Choose at least one movies you know she’ll enjoy. During these movies, be the perfect gentleman. If she wants to cuddle then do it. If she’s playful, then play. Don’t, however, push to do anything she’s not hinting at doing herself. If she’s in your house, she has a certain level of comfort with you, don’t ruin it. Finally have a back up flick. Choose something incredibly boring, that you’ve never seen. Anything with Kevin Costner will do. She’ll get so bored with the flick, that it may lead to paying more attention to you. If you’re patient, you’ll reap the rewards for a job well done.