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Knowing when to kiss the girl is easy, right? Well, actually, it’s not that simple. There have been many a man that has tried to lean in for a smooch, only for the lady in question to dodge his advance. Chances are, these guys didn’t know what signs to look for. While the female of the species can be a rather hard novel to read for some guys, they do give certain bodily indicators that’ll clue you in to exactly what they’re feeling when you’re dating. And if they’re not feeling a kiss, you’ll know it. The 5 tips to know when not to kiss a girl can save you from a lot of embarrassment.

The proximity test.


The magic word is comfort. Nothing can happen between you and your lady friend if she’s not comfortable with you. If she’s not comfortable being close to you, she isn’t going to be comfortable with you trying to kiss her. Here’s the thing. Depending on the setting, that particularly comfortable range can fluctuate. For example, if you guys are at a club, she’s going to be closer to you because she’s more comfortable with you than the rest of the wolf pack slobbering over her. This does not mean she’s ready to kiss you though. A good rule of thumb, when you’re in wide open space, if she elects to be closer to you, then she’s comfortable. If not, then you shouldn’t try to kiss her just yet.


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Physical contact is a good sign. You don’t necessarily have to be holding hands, but her resting her hand on your leg is a good sign. If she allows you to place your hand on her back, or even holding hands, these are good signs. If your lady friend isn’t comfortable with physical contact, chances are she won’t want to kiss you,which, happens to be an even more intimate form of physical contact.

Body language.

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Pay attention to this the next time you sit down somewhere with her. If her body is facing you, head turned towards you, and she’s leaning in, you’re golden. If not, then you probably shouldn’t try to kiss her. If she’s sitting in a contorted fashion, body facing away from, not a good sign. Hell, the position doesn’t even look comfortable,so don’t assume she’s comfortable with you. Don’t try to kiss her at this point.

Her eyes.


The windows to the soul. If her eyes wander while you’re talking to her, or it seems like you aren’t grabbing and holding on to her attention, don’t try to kiss her. The last thing on her mind is sharing a smooch with you. As a matter of fact, if she can’t even focus on you, it shows an overall lack of interest in you.

Her hair.

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Yes, her hair. Women consider their hair to be one of the most private things on their bodies. If you can’t touch her hair, she isn’t comfortable, period. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t even attempt to touch her hair until you’re absolutely for certain she’s comfortable with you. Touching her hair too soon will immediately close the door, if it was ever open in the first place, to kiss her. Seriously, don’t ever touch her hair unless you know she’s OK with it. If, however, you can touch her hair, then you shouldn’t be waiting any longer to kiss her. Just make sure the scenario is right.