Five travel apps that won’t leave you high and dry on vacation will certainly make traveling and enjoying  your time away much easier. These apps are simple to use and truly innovative. You’ll wonder how you ever went on vacation without them.


Tripit. Trip feeling a little hectic? Try Tripit! This travel app won’t leave you high and dry on vacation. It maps out your whole trip for you in an easy to read format. Keep information about your flight, vehicle rental, hotel and other travel plans all in one place-in the palm of your hand.


GateGuru. This travel app will make your temporary stay in an airport much more enjoyable. You won’t be left high and dry to linger by your gate! Instead, enjoy fine meals and fun shopping in the airport with the help of GateGuru.


Kayak. Now that you’re cozy at your gate, you want to actually get on a plane and get to where you’re going. Kayak is a travel app that comes in most handy when your flight is canceled or delayed and you need to find a new one fast! You can search and buy right from the app.


Waze. Maybe instead of taking a flight, you’re traveling to your next vacation destination by car. In that case, you need Waze. This amazing travel app will tell you everything you need to know about road conditions, including detour options and gas prices along the way.


Trip Advisor City Guides. This is the ultimate travel app that won’t leave you high and dry on vacation. All the information is downloaded right into your phone for anything you might want to see in a certain city. It works right with your phone’s GPS, so you’ll never be lost!