These five video game accessories won’t leave you looking like a twelve year old. You may have loved video games when you were a kid, but with these accessories, you can keep playing and look like the mature adult that you are.


Microsoft Kinect. Remember when you were twelve and you dreamed of being able to climb inside the screen and live in the world of your favorite video game?Well, now you can! Sort of. Kinect works by sensing your movements so that your body controls the game. Way cool!


Playstation Move. The Move works a lot like Kinect. The difference is that it’s a controller that you hold. The game senses the controller using a camera and that allows you to control what’s happening in the game. When using the Playstation move, you definitely won’t look like a twelve year old.



The Perfect Gaming Chair. When you were twelve, you were probably fine just sitting on the floor. Not anymore! If you don’t want to look like you’re twelve, play video games while sitting in a plush, comfortable gaming chair. Chairs designed specifically for playing video games are available!


3D Plasma TV. This bad boy isn’t your parents black and white TV they kept in the basement for you to play video games. This is the real deal. Your video games will explode from the screen and give you an experience like no other!


Surge Protector.  This video game accessory might not sound as glamorous, but it’s just as important to your overall playing experience. And you probably didn’t have one when you were twelve. Plug all your systems into one surge protector for ease of use and safety! Your mother will be so proud.