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Break the myth that all guys’ feet are gross by going for five ways men can take better care of their feet. Don’t worry, fellas, you won’t have to soak your tootsies in a warm bath infused with rose petals—although that feels great. Nor will you have to actually go out in public and get a professional pedicure—although that feels even greater. You can stick to an at-home, in-private routine that offers five ways men can take better care of their feet.

Trim your freakin’ toenails already.

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Gnarly toenails are one of the top offenders when it comes to disgusting aspects of men’s feet. Seems strange you can expertly use a hammer, chisel, saw, nail gun, arc welder and even take apart a car engine but you still seem to have a problem when it comes to toenail clipper. Use a hefty pair of nail clippers, or a curved pair of clippers called “nippers,” to trim your toenails even with the tips of your toes.

Wash, thoroughly dry—and wear clean socks.

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This simple yet often overlooked way men can take better care of their feet might seem like a given. Yet WebMD still notes one of the top health reasons guys end up seeking a doctor’s help is for athlete’s foot. This condition festers from shoddy foot hygiene and is particularly fond of dark, dank, bacteria-ridden conditions, like between your damp toes in a filthy gym sock.

Wear shoes that fit.

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Although men typically don’t have the same high-heel problems as women, unless they happen to be Prince, their feet can still suffer from wearing shoes that are too narrow, too short, too pointy or too flat. One of the simplest ways men can take better care of their feet is to wear shoes that fit properly. Proper fit means enough room to wiggle your toes and a style that provides adequate arch support. Also match the shoe with the activity, refraining from wearing your flip-flops on a construction site or while riding your motorcycle.

Treat blisters and calluses pronto.

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If you still insist on wearing shoes that don’t fit, you may end up with a fine collection of blisters and calluses. Men can take better care of their feet by treating these conditions right away before they get infected or to the point where you can no longer walk without limping. Immediately put a clean bandage on any blisters. Soften calluses by soaking your feet in water for at least 10 minutes then gently rubbing the area with a pumice stone. Yes, you can do this in your bathroom with the door locked.

Fend off fungus.

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Since you’re already washing and grooming your feet and wearing clean socks by now, you’ve started the first part of fending off fungus. Using anti-fungal foot sprays, lotions or powders can help men take better care of their feet by taking fungus prevention one step further. Sweaty feet do best with sprays and powders while lotions work well for feet with dry skin. If you’ve already grossed out your girlfriend with long toenails, you don’t want to see her reaction to a foot festooned with fetid fungus.