In an age where technology rules, there are plenty of modern ways modern science can help your hangover. Science is not only the key to recovery, but it is also the basis for how that awful hangover started in the first place. First, alcoholic drinks were created to change the way you think, sometimes keeping you from knowing when enough is enough. When that’s the case, your body becomes dehydrated and alerts your body with that pain that makes up a bad hangover. Now, it’s your turn to use science to get you through the pain.

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B Vitamins. When the alcohol sapped your water supply, it also took key nutrients with it, such as Vitamin B-6 and B-12. Getting those vitamins back in pill form is a simple way to fight off the hangover.


Sports drinks. These drinks, like Gatorade and Powerade, employ scientists to take the basic elements of water and make it even more useful to athletes. Dissolved materials added to sports drinks, including sodium, help them reach your blood stream at a faster rate, which helps hydration happen faster, too. One reason sodium is added is because it helps balance fluid levels in the body. Hydration and balanced fluid levels are sure ways modern science can help your hangover. The same principles that hydrate athletes also hydrate people after a night of drinking and cut down hangover time. These drinks can also help eliminate hangovers before they happen if you use them to stay hydrated between alcoholic drinks.


Ibuprofen. The goal of this medicine is simply to cut out the pain of your hangover. Unlike some others pain relievers that react poorly with an already punished liver, these pills are safe to take the morning after a night of drinking if you don’t exceed the recommended dosage.


Medicines that boosts glucose levels. Currently, these medicines are primarily for people who are suffering from diabetes symptoms. However, the same things the cause hangovers also lower glucose levels, which causes some of these medicines to be marketed as hangover relief.


Over-the-counter hangover remedies. While these remedies can be hit-or-miss, they do offer a peace of mind that your hangover is dwindling down. When looking for one of these remedies, you’re better off settling on those sold at a health food store than a gas station with lower health standards.