Confidence in the bedroom is of the utmost importance. A ball player with a huge bat means absolutely nothing if he doesn’t have the confidence to swing it. But how does one gain that needed confidence in the bedroom to knock that booty out of the park? Well, it doesn’t start with a penis pep talk in the mirror. It also doesn’t start by watching over the top porn scenes. These five ways to be more confident in bed are probably roads that you haven’t traveled, but you will. You will. Here’s how to be more confident in bed. “Thank yous” aren’t necessary.

Masturbation. Who would’ve thought that spanking that particular simian between your legs could help with confidence in the bedroom? It does, and here’s how. Self exploration is the best way to figure out exactly what sort of stuff you can handle in the bedroom. If you don’t have any confidence because you don’t think you last long enough in the sack, experiment on yourself. Pay attention the next time you choke that chicken. Make note of your more sensitive areas. Now take this new knowledge and apply it to the bedroom. Stay away from positions that get you too excited too fast or mix and match. This way, you won’t have to worry about coming too quickly because you can always fall back on positions you excel at.

Do your prep work. A lot of you men don’t understand the importance of foreplay. Yeah, yeah, you all know what it is, but you don’t fully understand the power of a good foreplay session. Most of you just give enough foreplay to get her “ready”. Foreplay is not just for preparing the runway for your jet to land. Foreplay is the time for you to fully explore her body. It’s the time for you to find out how to stimulate her with things other than your penis. It’s the time to fondle, suck and caress every single nook and cranny on her body. Great foreplay can be just as satisfying as a good sex session. Imagine how confident you’ll feel if your lady comes multiple times before you even put your mouth on her or your penis in her? Up your foreplay game.

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Going down. Come on guys, it’s 2012. If you haven’t explored below her equator, what are you waiting for? Take a look at a vagina, man. It’s like a video game controller for grown ups. Your tongue fits perfectly down there and is fully capable of pushing all of her buttons. Here’s a secret you may not know: most guys can perform adequately intercourse-wise. Not so many men know how to go down that well. You figure out how to eat kitty correctly, and you’ll be a hot commodity. If you don’t develop confidence from making her come without your penis, nothing will elevate your confidence levels.

Listen to your woman. You don’t have to sit down and have a heart to heart. The next time you’re getting down with your lady friend, listen to her cues. Moans and heavy breathing are good. If she’s writhing and squirming, also good signs. If you want to improve your confidence, simply remember how you got her to react in those ways. Use those particular techniques to get her hot. Use them as your safety net and build from there. Paying attention can go a long way.

Make it your business to be creative. If you really want to turn your woman on every time and in the process strengthen your bedroom confidence, be creative. Be adventurous. The excitement alone from trying new things is enough to get most people hot. Make it your business to figure out as many new and exciting ways as possible to get down with your lady. She’ll love it. You’ll love it, and your confidence will be sky high.