When it comes to dating women, advancing your career and life in general, you might have to fake your confidence a little until you actually get some. No matter what the situation, any man can have confidence issues. Luckily, there are five surefire ways to look like you’ve got all the confidence in the world – even if you don’t.

Silence your inner critic. The easiest way to shatter your own confidence before you actually get some is by thinking negative thoughts. Half the battle with gaining confidence is simply telling yourself how awesome you are and that everyone thinks you’re a standup guy. This technique is really easier than it sounds. For example, on a date you can try repeating a simple sentence, like “I am looking good!” or “I know I’m getting lucky tonight.” You’ll be amazed at how much confidence you will gain with this type of positive reinforcement.

Be assertive. This doesn’t mean being pushy with a girl or forceful with your boss when you want something. Instead, it means using assertiveness in your words, actions and movements. On a date, you can touch her back as she walks through the doorway. In your career, you can request a salary negotiation and tell your boss all the reasons why you’re an asset to the company. Politely done, assertiveness can go a long way in getting confidence.

Remember your posture. Sounds silly, right? But the fact is how you walk, stand and sit are going to help you fake confidence until you actually get some. By looking the part, you will start to feel more confidence, which can also help you become more assertive in your words and actions. So remember, don’t slouch and always walk tall.

Relax. You’ll never be able to effectively fake confidence until you get some if you’re a nervous wreck. Plus, the more anxiety you’re feeling, the more it’s going to come out in your words and actions. So take a few deep breaths and relax during stressful situations or when you get nervous. Being able to keep your cool no matter what will make you more appealing to women and will impress your colleagues.

Make eye contact. Nothing shows a person that you have more confidence than making eye contact. The people you interact with each day will appreciate your attentiveness. A date will be flattered when you simply can’t take your eyes off of her. Your boss will take you more seriously, and even strangers will start to treat you as if you have more confidence. And the best part is all these things will eventually come together and help you actually gain real confidence!