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The best thing about hair is that it grows back, which is a particularly useful trait when you’re slammed with a bad haircut. Although getting a bad haircut may make you feel like your life is over—or at least like your love life will end up at a standstill—all is not lost. You can hide the thing, try to fix the thing, or turn the bad haircut into a prime opportunity to have a little fun.

Wear a hat. Dig out that good ole baseball cap. It’s your new best friend. Since you cannot very well don a baseball cap at many jobs without looking like a disrespectful slob, invest in a fedora or bowler. Yeah, you might still look silly, but at least you won’t look like someone took a sharp eggbeater to your head. Plus, a good hat can really help complete an outfit, so it may be good time to be a little fashion-forward.


Ask for a touch-up. If you gaze in the mirror and hate what the stylist or barber has just done, demand they fix it. If you don’t trust them to make it better, feel free to walk away from the scene of the crime to take your business elsewhere. Having a professional work on touching up the damage is much better than trying to do it yourself, especially when it comes to the back of your head.


Switch styles. A bad haircut may be bad for your current style, but it might be a great foundation for another type of cut. Buzz cuts are back in vogue in certain circles. Maybe it was time you got rid of those Bieber bangs, anyway. Wearing the same look forever and ever until the end of time may be convenient, but a faint heart never won a fair lady. Take a risk!


Make a statement. Remember that Mohawk you always wanted but were afraid to get? A bad haircut time is the perfect time to experiment with freaky dos, freakier styling products and offbeat colors. If you dye your hair neon yellow, for instance, people will be too shocked at the color to notice the haircut stinks. Your hair is already screwed up, you might as well make the best of it.


Shave your head. If all else fails, break out the big guns in the form of a full head shave. Hopefully you’ve suffered a bad haircut during summer and being a cue ball won’t mean you’ll also be freezing your scalp off. A shaved head can be quite sexy, actually. As long as your bald head doesn’t look like a giant egg or a bulbous mushroom! A professional should be able to tell you whether or not the shape of your head can pull the look off.