Conversations with <a class="linkify" href=" can get out of control fast when you don’t know each other well, so try one of these five ways to kill the awkward silence on a first date before it becomes a problem. Instead of viewing awkward silence as a failure on your part, use it a chance to demonstrate your expertise when it comes to having a good time. Don’t forget that she doesn’t like the awkwardness either, and putting it in the past as quickly as you can will give you a step up when it comes to securing a second date.


Respond to something she already talked about. Much like how movie studios often make a sequel when they know they have an audience out there that liked the original film, you can return to a topic that worked. If you can add something new to that topic, it will demonstrate that you not only listened before, but that you are interested in details that men sometimes have a reputation for not caring about.


Make an observation about your surroundings. Pointing out the silly outfits of a couple in another booth or commenting on the artwork in the restaurant can move your conversation from stereotypical first date talk to the talk of people that are already comfortable with one another. Hopefully that comfort will rub off.


Lean closer and smile. Silence and awkward silence are not the same thing. Sometimes the best way to set a romantic mood is with the nonverbal cues that make up a big chunk of human communication. It will also show that you are comfortable with yourself.

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Compliment her. However, you should do so in a way that doesn’t come across as conversation filler, or worse, as an attempt to hit on her too quickly. Instead of telling her that she has beautiful eyes, say something that she hasn’t heard before and compliment something that hasn’t been complimented before. Just don’t make it inappropriate.


Ask an open-ended question. The last thing you want to do is break the awkward silence only to end up with even more awkward silence a few seconds later. Remember that while some women are guarded about their personal lives, most women will be eager to talk about their jobs and their hobbies. So play it safe and don’t pry.