Cars and women—two things men love to take out on the town and look good doing so. But while pulling up in a sports car will surely grab your date’s attention, it’s probably not enough to sustain it.

Read: Women actually care more about how you care for and drive the car than the car itself. Granted, a stick is far hotter than an automatic, and muscle cars are way sexier than sedans. But no matter what you drive, there are steps you can take to improve your odds of making an excellent impression.

So, here are five ways to prep your ride, whatever it may be, for a date as hot as your engine.

If you have one, turn her heat seat on before she sits down. She’ll appreciate the gesture.

1. Get Clean
Cleanliness might seem obvious, but we’re not talking just having your car washed or wiping the scuffs from your feet on the dashboard. Most people spend a lot of their day in the car, which means that the mess in your backseat is a reflection of the mess in your life. Pick up your corn chip-smelling gym clothes, leave your windows rolled down a crack the night before and vacuum up the spit-out sunflower seeds in between your front seats. The next morning, hang a classic-scented air freshener and strategically place an air purifier somewhere in the front end of your vehicle. Your ride will look fresh and smell fresh.

2. Control the Climate
Prep the air or heat settings in your car before you get to her place. If it’s hot outside, make sure she’s welcomed into a cooler setting. She’ll already feel more comfortable with you when she’s not worrying about getting swamp ass from your skin-singeing leather seats that sat in the sun all day. When it’s cold out, of course, frozen seats are just as bad. If you have one, turn her heat seat on before she sits down. She’ll appreciate the gesture.

3. Prep Your Playlist
If you know what kind of music she’s into—and it doesn’t suck—cueing it up never hurts. Don’t play any music too loud or you’ll hinder conversation. But it’s certainly a good idea to have your music selection picked out beforehand. Don’t play your scratched up old CDs that were gathering dust in your glove compartment, and don’t use that ancient stereo auxiliary cable to tune into some unheard of station that’ll cut in and out through your phone. Pick a clear channel on the radio, or buy yourself a decent adapter that will let you stream music wirelessly without the fuzz. And then turn down the bass.

4. Avoid Technical Difficulties
Make sure you check anything and everything in your car that will start blinking and beeping before you pick her up. Change your oil if need be, fill up with gas, make sure your windshield wiper fluid is topped off—you know the drill. It’s not that annoying to have to stop and get gas, but it’ll be more thoughtful and smooth if you’ve done everything ahead of time. And any girl worth your time loves thoughtful and smooth.

5. Know Your Roads
Have the directions to where you’re going already set in your GPS. But don’t keep turning down your music to hear them. Check the route out before you’ve picked her up, so you have a general idea where you’re going. It helps to have an updated GPS system in easy view on your windshield, so you don’t have to play with your phone every time you’re looking for an exit. Remember: Thoughtful and smooth wins the date.