While it may be embarrassing on first thought to use sex lube during your bedroom exploits, it can actually be one of the more useful items in your sexual arsenal. Sure, there’s the implication you need some fake plasma to allow sex to occur, but this is only for those who are self-conscious about their own abilities. Once you have used lube successfully, you’ll know its power to transform an average sexual experience into a fun, fluid carnal experience. Below are five ways that using sex lube can make you a better lover.


It Is Safer. Sometimes when you have sex, the woman is not wet or not as wet as she should be. This can happen due to dehydration or if you are in a place where dryness can occur, like in the pool or ocean. When this happens, lube can keep the sex smooth and prevent chaffing, which can hurt for many days after.


It can be a taboo, dirty addition. Doing something that’s a little naughty, like adding lube, heightens the sexual experience for many people. This feels a little pornographic between you and your partner, which is usually a fantasy for many people to do in their own private moments. The fantasy aspect only comes out more with the addition of lube.


You can do anal. If you’re into anal sex, lube is a necessity in most cases, adding to the enjoyment of both parties and cutting down on any pain occurring for the one who is on the receiving end. In fact, it’s tough to recommend anal sex without lube.


It comes in flavors. That’s right: lube comes in flavors that can help to enhance oral sex as well. This is a fun addition to oral foreplay and can revive anything that has gone stale if you’ve been having sex with that person for an extended period of time.


You can have sex anywhere. If you have lube with you, you don’t have to wait to get really turned on. Lube will manufacture this immediately so you can really get down to it, which is especially good if you are trying to have sex in a number of different public places.