west coast road trip

The open road is an adventure that everyone should partake in. Whether you are in the deepest parts of Asia, a cultured European city or the Australian outback, each road trip you partake in is a tremendous expedition that will expand your view of life. The West Coast of America is the home to a plethora of towns and cities whose heritage, culture and atmosphere have the capabilities to astound and mesmerize any visitor. These are five West Coast road trips that every man should find an opportunity to take, even if you already live alongside the Pacific Ocean. Otherwise you may find yourself on your deathbed filled with regret over what could have been.

road to big sur

San Francisco to Big Sur. This little road trip down Highway 1 is the perfect journey for those looking to witness a true Californian experience. There is sun, sand, bikini clad women, alcohol and surf available in almost every small town that is connected to the Pacific Ocean. You can start from one of the most cultured, unique and scenic cities in the world, San Francisco, and drive alongside the Pacific Ocean until confronting the beautiful cities of Monterrey and Santa Cruz and ending you journey amongst the forests of Big Sur. This drive is so mesmeric it’s even been known to make squirrels cry.

hoover dam

Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon. With so many of the great American cities and tourist spots available on one road trip it would be a crime not to do some Californian Dreamin‘. Setting off from Los Angeles you can drive up the I-15 and visit the Mojave National Preserve before pulling into Las Vegas, which will probably do much to expose the sinful nature of your soul. Then you can drive down the US-93 which takes you over Nevada’s Hoover Dam, which you should probably get out and appreciate, before reaching the Grand Canyon, one of the most majestic and beautiful sights in the entire world.

<a href='http://www.mademan.com/tag/death/' class='linkify' target='_blank'>death</a> valley national park

San Francisco to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This journey will combine the two adventures above but will also involve the majestic beauty of one of America’s National Parks. This trip also involves driving down Highway 1 from San Francisco to L.A. and then up I-15 to Vegas where you can travel along Route 395 and take in Death Valley National Park and Sequoia National Forest. These natural wonders are filled with enough delights and wonder that you could spend the rest of your trip amongst the trees and wildlife rather than a bustling metropolises. However there are not as many strip joints in the wilderness.

mount rainier

Seattle to San Francisco. When driving from Seattle down to San Francisco you will get to see a varied landscape of cities. By driving down the I-5 you can experience San Francisco, Portland and the state of Washington, plus the National Parks of Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier. These locations might not have the reputation of some of the more famous attractions in these states, but their hidden beauty will make you glad you made the trip. This road trip is a perfect combination of natural wonder and energetic city experiences that will satisfy all of your desires.

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California’s wine country. No one should ever combine alcohol with driving, but the opportunity to depart your car and drink some of the finest alcohol our country has to offer is one that every visitor to California’s wine country should take. Driving along Route 128 you will immediately notice that Napa Valley has a proud history that dates back to 1858, and is lined with picturesque views of grape vines and wineries that are ideal for postcards and family photos alike.