In the winter months, you’ve got to bring the heat to date night. Most people want to hibernate until longer days and sunshine return, so enticing your damsel out of her dark den requires the promise of warmth. These cold-weather date ideas will bring you into close physical proximity, fight the chill and get the blood flowing. What happens next is up to you…

1. Get out into the wilderness. Or the backyard.
Being outdoors stargazing or enjoying a view of snow-dusted peaks in winter is great—until your limbs go numb or your face becomes too cold to speak. Neither of those things are very conducive to romance. Outdoor gear designers must know this because they’ve stepped up the cozy factor mightily with products like two-person sleeping bags, water-resistant heated blankets and Jetboil cooking systems for hot toddies. Bring some of those along and you’ll be her knight in shining Under Armour.

2. Make fondue at your own après.
Nothing warms the body like pot-melted cheese. No one knows this better than the Swiss, the inventors of fondue, who seem to have their winter chalet game dialed pretty tight. Regardless of how far away from the mountains are, however, you can throw on a parka and ski socks and feel like you’ve ridden a gondola to your kitchen. Here’s a great home fondue starter kit.

3. Hide out by an electric fireplace.
Yes, there is such a thing, and it’s the perfect antidote to your miserably cold, poorly insulated, totally unromantic home. These puppies burn clean using only electricity, so there’s no firewood, no chimney, no ash—just heat and flame at the touch of button. At less than 200 bucks, it’s much more cost-effective than spending money on dinner and drinks at a local fireplace-equipped watering hole, and there’s no one but you to decide when last call will be.

4. Hit up the tropical area at your local botanic garden.
The tropics are just a short trip away if you live near any of the State’s botanic gardens with tropical rooms. They’re scenic spots to enjoy a steamy afternoon when the weather outside is frightful. East-coasters can pop into the Brooklyn Botanic Garden or the United States Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C., Texans escaping a cold snap can check out Fort Worth Botanic Garden. They even have tropical rooms in Columbus, Ohio at the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanic Garden and St. Louis at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Just do a quick search in your area and there’s likely one nearby.

5. Have a spa day.
Spas don’t need to be all about aromatherapy and cucumber water. Any spa worth its salt has got a Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and cold plunge pool. And what could be better for relaxing and getting the blood flowing? Some spas have separate facilities for men and women, if unwinding individually is what you need right now—and you appreciate the wisdom of naked old men—while other have shared areas.