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There are certain times in life when a man must ask for sex advice. While some might be obvious like a doctor or the friendly neighborhood lothario, others are hidden like diamonds in the rough. Simply waiting for a sex question to answer.

A Gynecologist

Sex Advice Gynecologist

To put it quite simply, these medical professional know the ins and outs of your lady’s lady parts. If the question regards her body then a gyno is your go-to advisor.

A Personal Trainer

Sex Advice Personal Trainer

While you may not realize it sex is an incredibly athletic feat. Your issues in the bedroom might come from the fact that these muscle groups are not properly cared for. Plus, people who get paid to work out for a living have a natural tendency to get more action than your average Joe.

Her Best Friend

Sex Advice Best Friend

Let’s be honest, people talk. While your lady might not share her problems with your love life with you, she will almost certainly share them with her bestie. Once you convince her friend that you only have her interests in mind, prying these valuable tidbits shouldn’t be difficult at all.

Your Player Friend

Sex Advice Player Friend

While their tactics to get women in the sack might not be the most noble, your best player friend has one thing many people lack in the bedroom, lots of practice with different partners. While you may not want to cross paths in the gene pool, you can exchange (take) helpful hints from a seasoned veteran of the sex battlefield.


Sex Advice Priest

No one knows the value of sex more than someone who’s not having any. For interpersonal sex issues, priests may be a valuable source on information about what’s really causing your problems in the sack.These holy healers can resurrect your love life before your tryst is cast into the depths of a sexless relationship hell.