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Spice up your sex life with these workouts you can do to train for sex. With the right knowledge and approach to working out, your stamina, flexibility and ability to maintain rhythm during sex can be increased tremendously. Learning how to train for sex will also lend itself to creativity, as new options become available to people with more flexibility and stamina. Not only will your lover be happy, but, with time, the enjoyment of your sex life can grow immensely.


Train with weights to build muscle strength, endurance and, most importantly, testosterone. Weight training increases the amount of testosterone production in the male body. With more testosterone, males will have a higher sex drive. Outside of a boosted sex drive, well-trained muscles will allow you to easily move your partner into various positions. Bench presses, pull-ups, military presses and squats are great for building muscle strength.


Boost your stamina with cardiovascular training. Weight training is great and all, but it will not help your stamina. Without stamina it will be hard to maintain a steady rhythm during sex. Running for at least 30 minutes is great cardiovascular exercise.

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Strengthen your abs by doing core workouts. Back raises, leg raises and sit-ups will strengthen your core and allow for controlled thrusting. It will also help keep a larger stomach from getting in the way of things.


Control the way you move down to the finest details using Pilates. Pilates not only builds muscular definition, which can have a pleasing appearance, but will help you control the nuances of your body movements. This will allow you to move just right to please your partner.

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Prevent pulling any muscles, joints or ligaments by staying flexible. Yoga will help you stay flexible and help boost your confidence while moving during sex. With strength, stamina and flexibility put together, your body will become a confident machine for pleasing your loved one.