We scoured the internet to bring you the steamiest tips, hottest positions and most erogenous tricks. These 50 will surely make you sweat, and give her the orgasm of her life.

1. Use your breath. “Use your breath to breathe on your sweetie’s skin. Blow sweet caresses on his/her neck, chest, stomach, palms, inside of the wrists, and ears.  Of course, it is also very potent to gently blow warm breaths onto his/her genitals.” (YourTango)

2. Share your fantasies. “Don’t expect your partner to figure out what turns you on. Tell your partner. That’s all part of the fantasy. Life’s too short to wait for your partner to figure it out.” (WebMD)

3. Lube up. “Women who reached for lube during the deed reported significantly higher levels of satisfaction and pleasure compared with women who didn’t use it. The extra slip and slide made sex more satisfying . . . and more comfortable sex tends to be more sizzling sex.” (Women’s Health)

4. Kiss her ears and make her crazy. “Place your lips an inch away from the ear and release a slow sigh, which will tantalize the nerves without going overboard. Then take the earlobe between your lips and gently tug. This will pull at, and indirectly stimulate, the nerve endings inside the ear.” (Redbook)

5. Go Twilight on her neck. “As she turns away, brush her hair aside, revealing her neck. Take a quick nibble on the side of her neck, look back up at her in the eyes, smirk, and then go back to dancing or talking at the bar. Do not go for a kiss immediately after nibbling on her neck.” (Danger and Play)

6. Play with her boobs—the right way. “Caress, kiss, and massage. Drag your teeth gently. Flick her nipple with your tongue, but don’t fix your mouth on her nipple for too long, as that can be irritating or worse, infantilizing. No two women are alike — and neither are our breasts.”

7. Set the mood. “Creating a sensual and romantic ambiance – through everything from lighting to the smells wafting through the air – can enhance the sexual experience. Start off by making sure to address all five senses – sight, smell, hearing, taste, and, of course, touch.” (via About)

8. Focus on her clit—the right way. “With your fingers, gently pull back the clitoral hood and directly lick the tip. Do this in slow teasing licks and you can alternate your pattern.” (Made Man)

9. Learn how to get her off with just one finger. “Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a practice in which one partner gently strokes the other partner’s clitoris for 15 minutes. OM consists of a defined sequences of steps, and is a goalless practice – the only job for both partners is to feel.” (OneTaste)

10. Have sex in public. You will need a good location, respect, discretion, alertness, subtlety. Optional: a blanket. (Howcast)

11. Keep her panties on. “It can be pleasurable torture to play with each other over your underwear, teasing and stroking through the fabric. You’re building up the anticipation, so when you finally do have skin-on-skin contact, it’ll be that much more explosive and exciting.” (SheKnows)

12. Start with a massage. “Get your partner in the mood — and give the muscles time to warm up — with relaxed, gentle strokes. Slowing down will also help you gain their trust, which means they’ll be putty in your hands by the end. And that’s when you go in deep.” (Sundance)

13. Ice, ice, baby. “Nipples are especially sensitive and when ice is passed across them, they will harden almost immediately. Women will be particularly turned on by this and their breasts will rise and firm up as the nipples because aroused.” (Lovers Guide)

14. Give yourself an ego boost. “If you want to be confident under the covers, you need to feel confident in yourself. Overcoming a fear is one of the easiest ways to boost your self-esteem.” (Realbuzz)

15. Sleep (yes, just sleep) naked. “Laying skin to skin will increase feel-good chemicals like the cuddle hormone oxytocin.” (Shine)

16. Focus on foreplay. “Make it sensual, romantic, animalistic, sweet, sultry, whatever…just do more of it.” (Bedsider)

17. Use a blindfold. “The excitement caused by blindfolding your lover can perk up the adrenaline rush. Add to it the feel of a satiny-silk cloth blindfolding your eyes and the thrill of touching and feeling your lover in all the unexplored places” (Thirdage)

18. Turn the lights off. “What we do is turn off all the lights and make it pitch black, and have zero covers on the bed. It makes you really focus on touch and sound, everything becomes so much more electrifying!” (Glamour)

19. Role play. “It keeps the relationship interesting and you get to pretend you are someone you are not for a little while. If you’re not into pretending to be someone else, why not try being a different version of yourself?” (College Magazine)

20. Engage in some good old fashioned dirty talk. “Begin slowly, and watch how her body reacts. Gradually work your way towards the torrid. If we tense up, turn away, or avoid eye contact, you’ve probably gone too far.”

21. Bring a vibrator to bed. “Introducing a vibrator into your relationship can be very rewarding. Studies have shown that women who use vibrators experience better sexual function.” (Divine Caroline)

22. Slip on a cock ring. “The cock ring acts as a dam of sorts, slowing the flow of blood into the erectile tissues in the penis, thus causing a ‘super erection.’” (Persephone)

23. Don’t give up on sex in the shower. “Although it takes some creative manoeuvring, there are many advantages to this very wet form of sexual activity. Doing it in the shower is a highly effective form of foreplay, as well as a perfect opportunity to get a quickie in.” (Sex Info 101)

24. Give (or get) a striptease. “All you have to do is prepare with the right clothes and take them off in the most sultry way possible.” (WikiHow)

25. Vary stimulation across her erogenous zones. This video explains everything.

26. Learn how to kiss persuasively. “Both men and women also found assertiveness attractive in a kisser. Those who committed to the kiss, rather than made-out half-heartedly, were better kissers.” (Psychology Today)

27. Eat pineapples together for a tasty night in. “Eating large amounts of pineapple dramatically changes the way that our seminal and vaginal fluids taste.” (Pork & Gin)

28. Don’t use teeth when you go down. “Never bite the cunt in any way whatsoever. If this needs more explaining you should probably just stick to jerking off.” (Vice)

29. Look into the mirror, mirror on the wall. “Many people find such self-voyeurism fascinating. It reveals a part of yourself that only your lover sees. But for other people, watching their partner’s body from new angles is the real pleasure.” (Lovers Guide)

30. Relax your tongue. “Keeping your tongue pointed may be painful for her and not cover enough area of the vagina. This is one of the most basic female oral sex tips that, tragically, often goes unnoticed.”

31. Throw her around. “When you want to change positions, throw her around. You’re on a bed surrounded by pillows; you can throw the girl around without her getting hurt in the least.” (Real Men Drink Whiskey)

32. Get rough — it’s healthy. “BDSM practitioners were less neurotic, more extraverted, more open to new experiences, more conscientious, less rejection sensitive, had higher subjective well-being, yet were less agreeable.” (The Journal of Sexual Medicine)

33. Make her sweat. “Five percent of women say they’ve experienced either an exercise-induced orgasm or exercise-induced pleasure—proving that the “coregasm” is more than just a rumor.” (iVillage)

34. Groom. “Many women and men also like the way a clean shaved pubic area feels. Once the coarse hair is removed, the area reveals soft skin that is very sensitive to sensations. One should be careful not to cause too much friction on the bare skin, but with caution, shaved skin can give new pleasures.” (Hump-day Gazette)

35. Let her “shock” you. “The gesture refers to the act of inserting the index and middle fingers into a vagina and the little finger into the receiver’s anus, hence the shock.” (Wikipedia)

36. Go for the reverse cowgirl. “It’s sort of a cross between doggy-style and the classic Woman-On-Top position.” (Good to Know)

37. Play a game of Truth or Dare. “It’s at once sexy and fun and a perfect way to try new things. With the truths it can also be a good way to learn some new things about each other.” (Health Guidance)

38. Take her from behind. “Hopefully she has long hair so that you can pull her hair back during; if not, take both of her wrists behind her back in one of your hands and hold her up by her shoulder with her other.” (vElite Daily)

39. Let her dominate you. “Fantasizing themselves as “liberated” from all the responsibilities that go with functioning in dominant professional roles offers them a respite from always having to be in control.” (Psychology Today)

40. Tell her what you like. “It’s important to communicate about your desires and drawbacks in the bedroom, because if you never tell her what you want in bed, how is she supposed to figure it out?” (datedaily)

41. Scratch her. “Light, teasing scratches aren’t just for backs. Cheeks, inner arms, scalps, the backs of knees, the soles of feet. All of those places appreciate a little scratch now and then.” (KCPink)

42. Set the temperature for success. “A pleasant environment, which includes the room temperature, is an important part of making her feel safe, secure, and comfortable.” (Men’s Health)

43. Watch porn together. “It can enhance arousal and interest and be a boon for couples who are having trouble achieving arousal. But if one partner engages in porn viewing for an extended time and ignores the other partner because the material is so exciting or captivating, then it’s a detriment. It’s all in how porn is used.” (Everyday Health)

44. Stop watching porn by yourself. “Guys think, you know, maybe I can communicate exactly what is going on in this here porn and translate this desire into something my lover will enjoy and I will find fulfilling in the bedroom! But then, you just get addicted to porn and spend more time with your hand than your lover.” (The Gloss)

45. Do it on the kitchen table. “Part of the ‘charm’ of sex on the kitchen table is being so overcome with passion that you clear said table in one windshield-wiper movement with your arms.” (Marie Claire)

46. Steam up your backseat. “Body-generated steam won’t fog up the windows for about seven minutes, so before you get to backseat business, shut each of your winter coat sleeves into the top corners of each back seat door, creating two makeshift curtains. Also remember that the sun also sets earlier in winter, meaning there’s more time for you to take advantage of the ambient darkness.” (Lelo)

47. Hold your breath. “Holding ones breath during sex (and any other physical activity) cuts off the flow of oxygen and tires the body more easily, it also restricts ones ability to be more fluid in their stokes. But what is even more important to remember about breathing is that being aware of the flow of energy through ones body allows one to be more present in the act.” (Clutch)

48. Play with your food. “Think about tantalizing the five senses. Consider each of them and figure out what might work for you and your partner; for example, fresh flowers, candlelight, soft music, and special glasses filled with sparkling cider, seltzer with lime, or champagne… whatever piques your fancy.” (Go Ask Alice)

49. Find her G-spot. “Not an actual spot, it is more of a small area, located about 2 inches inside the vagina on the topside. You should know when you have found it because it feels like a ribbed bump, a little bit like the roof of your mouth, just behind your front teeth.” (sex-ed 101)

50. Learn the art of tantric sex. “Believed to date back 5,000 years, Tantric sex is an ancient Eastern spiritual practice. Like yoga or Zen, it is practiced for the purpose of enlightenment — and the philosophy transcends the bedroom into all aspects of life. In the Tantric view, sex and orgasm equal spiritual awareness at its peak.” (Marie Claire)