The bottle opener is a largely under-appreciated appliance, relegated to messy kitchen drawers and easily replaced by convenient keychain alternatives. But when your bottle opener is a hollowed-out .50 caliber bullet, that tends to change.

The 50 Cal. Bottle Opener ($19.99) plays a couple of different roles. For one, it’s a sturdy opener that pops lids in one clean pry. Secondly, it’s an effective conversation piece. The thing looks cool, it’s been fired out of a gun and it’s the kind of item you keep in plain sight, serving as both an effective tool and a unique decoration. If the conversation turns to where the opener came from, you might mention the company that made it, Bullets 2 Bandages, which was formed by two Navy veterans who donate part of their profits to supporting fellow armed services alums. Does that plastic opener you picked up from a credit union booth at the mall have a cool back story about helping soldiers? We’re guessing not.

So upgrade your opener to something that looks cool and does good at the same time. Pick up a 50 Cal. Bottle Opener at Bullets 2 Bandages.