You’ve probably heard about 50 cent saying that he would quit putting out albums if he doesn’t sell more albums that Kanye (the albums were coming out the same day but Kanye moved his date) . Whether you like this type of music or not you have give 50 cent credit for knowing how to drum up publicity and make some cash. I might remind you that 50 cent made $400 million, yes 400 million from his deal with Smartwater when they sold to Coke so if he never put out another album it just wouldn’t matter financially. Anyway, the internet has been all abuzz about Kanye and how great his new album is going to be. The “I have to be more gay and cuss more each day to maintain my popularity” Perez Hilton has been calling for 50’s demise to his millions of readers. That all changed when this song came out. Yes it sounds like the CD should come with a stripper pole but no doubt it’s hot. Then again if Timberland and Timberlake made an album with me I bet I could sell 100K. Video below