To commemorate our heroes on Veteran’s Day, we’re remembering Vietnam and the durable jacket issued to soldiers at that time: the M-65 Field Coat, first introduced in the late ’60s as an upgrade with unrivaled warmth to the M-51 and M-43 field jackets worn in the Korean and Second World War by the Army.

This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the M-65 infantry classic, now manufactured through Alpha Industries and priced at $180 for civilians to wear. The wind- and tear-resistant field coat with water-repelling properties features a concealed hood, draw-cords for the waist, a bi-swing back for mobility and an optional liner for extra protection in fluctuating temperatures. Alpha was one of the first manufacturers to produce the M-65 in ’66—and then made the first M-65 for the commercial market in the ’70s. Today, you can get yours in olive, khaki, black, navy or camouflage.

Whether for fashion, function or remembrance—we salute our troops.

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