If there’s one thing just about every guy can do to look better in a suit, it’s get the fit right. As we’ve seen with public figures like Ben McAdoo, an ill-fitting get-up can turn you into a real laughingstock. At the same time, guys like Sean Spicer have proven that a bit of tailoring can make a world of difference.

Want to get it right the first time? We highly recommend checking out InStitchu, an up-and-coming Australian brand that will have you looking like a million bucks—while paying a whole lot less than that in the process. Indeed, they can hook you up with a beautiful suit that fits great for as little as $500. How do we know? We tried it!

The process is simple. Have a friend do simple measurements on your frame, then visit their site and browse through countless styles and materials. We chose the Leyland (pictured below), which they describe as a “midnight blue herringbone of utter grace and style… the perfect piece to get you through any formal event.” Yeah, that’ll work.


Once you’ve chosen the style you like, you get to make all sorts of fun choices to customize the look. We’re talking fabric, lapels, buttons, pockets, pick stitching and more. You can even add fancy touches like a ticket pocket, contrasting sleeve ribbon and elbow pads, plus have a monogram or a personal motto stitched into the lining. All these elements are beautifully illustrated on the site, making it easy to click and pick exactly what you want.

Then it’s a simple matter of entering your measurements and placing your order. Your suit is shipped for free in a matter of weeks.

The suit will no doubt fit pretty well right out of the box, but InStitchu takes things one big step further. With the Perfect Fit guarantee, you have a couple options for making sure your suit fits, yes, perfectly. You can take it to a local tailor for alterations, with InStitchu picking up the cost, or you can send it back and they’ll remake it, free of charge. In the very unlikely event that you are still not satisfied, they even offer a full refund. They ain’t lying when they call it a guarantee, mate.

We opted for sending the suit back for a few tweaks, and the second time around it really did fit like a dream. And here’s one more cool thing: Once you are completely satisfied with the fit, InStitchu makes note of all the alterations that were needed to get there. That means that the next time you customize a suit through them, it will come back fitting like the previous one did after the alterations: perfectly.

InStitchu doesn’t just produce suits, either. They also offer shirts, vests, overcoats, shoes, ties, sunglasses, pocket squares, cuff links, grooming products and more—basically everything you need to look, as the Aussies might say, ace!

Need inspiration? Check out the stylish fellows below that we found on InStitchu’s Instagram feed. They’re living proof of how simple it is to score yourself something special, rather than disappearing into your suit like poor Mr. McAdoo. Just ask yourself: Wouldn’t you rather look like a sharp-dressed man? We hear every girl’s crazy ’bout ’em…

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Lead photo by Ali Rasoul