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Relationship arguments are bound to pop up now and again, but there are arguments you can easily avoid in any relationship. You may have to change a few habits, but it’s better to change than to constantly bicker with your girlfriend. Those little squabbles can pile up over time, slowly driving you insane. To avoid a trip to the crazy house, practice a little cleverness and a little consideration. You’ll easily avoid these arguments, and you’ll be happier for it.

You Never Want To Talk. Visit any couple’s counseling website and take a look at their class roster. Almost half of the classes offered are about couples communication. men‘ class=’linkify’ target=’_blank’>Women want to talk, guys. It’s unavoidable. Instead of letting the argument grow to the point that your girl wants to throw you in therapy, try talking once in a while. You don’t have to reveal every detail (in fact, you shouldn’t), but give her something more than “Work was fine.” She’ll thank you for it.

You Never Help Out Around The House. Everyone knows that it takes effort to keep a house neat. You may not be Mr. Clean, but letting dirty dishes pile up for days and leaving your wet towels on the floor all the time is going to get her plenty angry. Take an extra couple of minutes to keep the place tidy, and that’s one less thing about which you and her can have an argument.

You’re Always Hanging Out With Your Friends. You can do things with your guy friends that you wouldn’t want to do with your girlfriend. But just remember that there are things you can do with her that you can’t do with them, right? Don’t constantly pass on an evening out with her in favor of a rowdy night with the boys. She’ll feel neglected, and that’s an argument waiting to happen. Make time for her. Chances are she’ll give you an enjoyable reward…like sex.

How Come We Always Have Watch What You Want? Ladies’ programming is awful. Flip on BravoTV for even three seconds, and chances are you may want to vomit in terror at what has happened to the world. But dominating the TV is not going to do your relationship any favors. It won’t be long before you guys are arguing over whether you watch the hockey game, or “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” Give in, and buckle up partner. You need to give a little ground to gain a little ground sometimes. You won’t feel guilty the next time you spend nine hours watching football.

Why Don’t You Like My Friends? Why? Probably because all they do is sit around and complain about other women, or complain about their boyfriends, or complain about…everything. That’s why. But you shouldn’t say that. These friends are constantly in her ear, and if they start trying to drive a wedge between the two of you, you’ll be arguing constantly, and you’ll be headed for a break-up. Don’t give them the satisfaction, instead be a nice guy and avoid the argument with your girlfriend.

Why Do We Always Have To Come Here? We men sometimes get a little comfortable, and a little complacent. You may have a favorite nightspot or a favorite restaurant that you would be happy to visit every week for until the end of time, but women like to spice things up. They crave variety, so give it to them. The place she picks may not be your style, but relationship is about compromise, if nothing else. After you’ve tried a few different locales, you have every right to visit your favorite place again.

By yielding to her requests, these are all arguments you can easily avoid in your relationship. Don’t be doormat, but give in once in a while. Save your arguing energy for bigger problems, because little things like the issues listed above are not worth getting worked up over.