Google the phrase “car apps” and hundreds of results pop up. All are geared toward helping you get from point A to point B, but some are much better than others. And the following six are ones you won’t want to hit the road without…

Gas Buddy
When it comes to help in beating those crazy gas prices, Gas Buddy is a must-have. The app locates the cheapest gas in the area and also searches for cash and credit prices that can trip you up at the pump.

Dodging unforeseen delays on the road requires a few more eyes than the typical Nav system. Trapster ties you into a network of over 20 million drivers who share data to help others avoid things like traffic jams and road hazards.

MyCar Locator
Trying to find your car in a crowded lot can wind up being a journey in itself depending on the spot. MyCar Locater eases the process by helping you locate your vehicle with the push of a button.

Best Parking
If you live in a major city, parking can often be more stressful than rush-hour traffic. The Best Parking app not only locates the most convenient spots to park your ride, it also seeks out the cheapest ones.

An accident is the last thing you want to think about behind the wheel. But if you do happen to have a fender bender, iWrecked can help ease the pain. The app makes it easy to log all the important collision details and photos for later use. Hopefully not in court.

When it comes to staying alert at the wheel, iOnRoad gives you an additional edge. The app uses your phone’s camera and GPS to detect the distance from the car in front of you, helping to avoid potential collisions.


Clockwise from top right: iOnRoad, Best Parking, MyCar Locator, Trapster, iWrecked, Gas Buddy.