Over the centuries, man has consumed his favorite adult beverage through a vast variety of vessels. Some silly, some serious. Some meticulously constructed, some made from animal parts. Some big, some bigger. No matter what kind of beer you drink, you can’t go wrong with the following methods of sending it down your gullet.

1. Pints

The glass that kicked the mug to the curb in bars around the globe. But there’s still a debate over which is the proper pint size; is it the American pint at 16 ounces or the British “imperial” pint at 20 ounces? Pros: Often given away at pint nights during “buy the beer, get the glass” promotions. Helps you build up your glassware set at home. Shows you’ve graduated from beer bongs and twist-off cap bottles. Cons: You get less beer for the same price with an American pint.

2. Yards

A yard of beer is exactly what it sounds like—a glass stretching to three feet tall. It holds about 2.5 imperial pints. Pros: It just looks freakin’ cool! And if you know the secret to quaffing it without spilling all over yourself, even better. (To improve the flow and release pressure, slowly twirl the glass in a clockwise motion as you drink. Shh.) Cons: Unless you know the aforementioned secret, you’ll most likely be wearing that yard of beer. A total waste of money—and dignity.

3. Steins

Lidded steins date back to the 14th Century, when they were required by law in Germany to help stop the spread of the bubonic plague. They are often not just drinking vessels but works of art and, as such, are highly collectible. Pros: Nothing looks manlier than quaffing a pint out of a lederhosen’ed stein. They come in a plethora of styles and can add variety to your bar or cupboard. Cons: Collectibles aren’t always what they appear to be. Seek the advice of an authority on the subject before you run off and drop major coinage on some “rare” stein.

4. Horns

Once the standard drinking method for Saxons, horns were quickly replaced by wooden and metal cups as cultures progressed toward modern times. Pros: Drinking from a horn will surely channel your inner Viking. Plus you’ll get props from the hot anarchist girl for clever use of your rewilding skills. Cons: The size of your drink depends on the size of your horn. And big horns are, ahem, hard to come by. And you run the risk of tainting your brew with a gritty, musky funk. You know, if you consider that a bad thing.

5. Tulips

Nothing screams “craft beer enthusiast” louder than drinking from a tulip glass. It generally indicates you are drinking something Belgian, a double IPA, or Russian imperial stout. In other words, something high gravity with an ABV twice what most pints tend to pack. Pros: If you are drinking beer from a tulip glass, you are drinking good beer. Really good beer. Which means you are enjoying yourself immensely. Cons: Expensive. Not something you’d buy a round of for your buddies.

6. Mugs

The iconic, frosted mug is a tried-and-true way to down your brew, but in recent years it has fallen out on favor in the shadow of the pint glass. Pros: Makes you feel like your grandfather… or Norm from Cheers. Doubles as a weapon in a bar fight. Goes well with rounds of pitchers and good conversation with friends. And looks fantastic when clutched by a smiling Oktoberfest babe. Cons: In a cruel twist of fate, nothing kills the flavor of your beer faster than a chilled mug.