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Body language means a lot more than the average person gives it credit for. You may be saying one thing, but your body can be telling an entirely different tale. Do you wonder why all those big words you spit at that hot chick didn’t work? It was probably because your body language screamed that you were lying. Body language can send the wrong signals to people as well. For instance, a perfectly confident individual who slouches may appear to be unsure or even weak to the people watching him or her. Here are six bad body language signals you don’t know you’re sending.

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Slouching. Here’s one that most people are aware of. A confident person doesn’t just display it in speech and action alone. They show it in physical appearance as well. An erect stance, chest forward, head up straight is a true sign of someone who feels confident. Slouching makes you appear weak, shy, or scared of confrontation. So even if you are those things, shoulders back, stand up straight, and at least appear to have some guts.

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Can’t hold eye contact. Oh boy. If you’re one of those guys who can’t stand to look into another person’s eyes when you speak, get over it quick. When you can’t lock your gaze on someone, you look deceitful. You look like someone who shouldn’t be trusted. Even if you’re lying through your teeth, if you look someone in the eyes when you do it, you have a better chance of them believing you.



Body turned away. You guys should recognize this one. Women do it when they’re just not interested in you. Well, when you do it, it conveys the same message. If you’re talking to someone, it’s important to face them squarely. It’ll make them think you take them more seriously. It’s sort of a sign of respect. You may hate their guts, but at least you won’t appear to.

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Rubbing your browline. People do this when they’re nervous, or hearing bad news. The only reason this is a bad piece of body language to throw out there is simply that you’re allowing the next person to know what you’re feeling. If you receive some bad news, make an effort not to show the world it’s affecting you. Keep from massaging your forehead.


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Leaning back in your chair with your legs spread. Put simply, you’re showing you don’t care about what’s going on at the time. Now, this positioning is cool when watching a baseball game. Though, you probably sit erect and attentive if it’s your favorite team. It’s not OK in that big board meeting. Even if you don’t give a rat’s furry behind about what’s going on, train yourself to hold that erect positioning to keep your boss off your case.


Inability to focus on the person you’re talking to. This is probably the grand slam of bad body language signs. You’re telling that particular person that they aren’t important enough to pay attention to. Think about it. Have you ever been out with a chick…been surrounded by a bunch of hot chicks, and had a terrible time trying to just focus on her? How did she say she felt? Like she wasn’t important, right? Not a good look, guy. Learn to focus on the person you’re talking to.