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 When you are involved in a confrontation, you may come to the realization that getting into a fight is not the right answer. You may or may not have a physical advantage over your opponent, but that is not the issue at hand. You may be with family members and perhaps you want to set the right example. Maybe you want to avoid a fight because it can lead to involvement with law enforcement. That cannot work out in your favor. There are ways to walk away from a fight and still come off with your dignity and “badass” personality intact.

Loud voice


You want to avoid a physical confrontation. You show this by using a loud voice. “Get away from me now,” you say. “You are in my space.  You can’t be here. Get out of my sight.” You are speaking with authority and you are raising the decibel level. This may jar the instigator and give you the upper hand. He may also think you are somewhat weird.

Show No Fear

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 You are a bad ass so you are not afraid. You can convey your lack of fear by looking your opponent in the eye the whole time. Don’t look at your shoes or off in the distance. Steel your glare like you are willing to fight, but don’t throw a punch or a kick.

Speak directly

Explain what the situation is to the aggressor. If you are a student in school and your opponent is trying to goad you into a fight and he starts to taunt you, simply say you are not going to fight. When your opponent questions your manhood, let him know that you have no fear of him. “I don’t want to fight anybody because I don’t want to get kicked out of this school.” This shows you have a good reason for avoiding the fight and that calling you a chicken or some other name does not apply.

Show Your Strength

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 You don’t have to fight to show your strength. Show the potential opponent that he wants no part of fighting you because you are physically strong. Go to gym class and do 25 more pushups than anyone else in class, or 10 more pull-ups. You can show your physical strength that will make anyone who wants to challenge you think twice before throwing a punch at you. Then you can walk away from the fight.

Jump Up and Down

 Start jumping up and down as high as you can. This will do two things. When you are jumping, it will demonstrate your athleticism and your explosiveness. If you combine your jumping with loud and aggressive noises, you will make your opponent think that you are a mad man and a real bad ass. Your opponent may also think you are Mel Gibson crazy, and fighting a crazy opponent is never a good idea. Then you can walk away from that fight.

 The Art of War

 You can turn an enemy into an ally if he understands that the two of you have a bigger enemy in common. In The Art of War, Sun Tzu says that if you wish to avoid a fight with an enemy who wants to make war, make him understand that the two of you have something in common—a bigger enemy. If you can get that message across, you can avoid the first fight and look like a big-time badass. It worked for Sun Tzu.