OK, you would rather be just about anywhere else. You usual haunt is the hockey game or the baseball game, where you spend your time yelling, screaming, drinking beer and eating hot dogs slathered with mustard. But you have a girlfriend, and tonight is her night. You are going to the ballet, and you are not going to watch the game or check the scores. You are going to watch the ballet and like it. Here are six ballets that your girlfriend is going to drag you to that are actually good.


“Swan Lake”

black swan.jpg

This ballet is considered to be one of the great classics and it was written by Pyotr Tchaikovsky and is considered to be his masterpiece. The story is about a princess who is cursed. She is a swan by day and a beautiful woman by night. A prince sees her transformation from swan to human form and he falls in love with her on the spot. However, instead of finding the woman he fell in love with he finds one who looks exactly like here. When he realizes his mistake and that his love must remain a swan, the prince and princess both kill themselves. Once you see this ballet, you’ll have a better understanding of the Academy Award-winning film, the “Black Swan.”


“Romeo and Juliet”

 The theme of this ballet is the classic story of two young lovers written by William Shakespeare. It was first performed as a ballet in Czechoslovakia in 1938 and then reopened in Leningrad in 1940. Prokofiev put this story to music and it is considered his finest work. The marriage of the music to the dance is considered quite breathtaking. Among the highlights is the “March of the Monatgues,” which has been featured quite a bit over the years.

“The Nutcracker”

This is another of the great classics of the ballet art from. It was first performed in 1892 and it is based on the story by E.T.A. Hoffman. The story is about a young girl who gets shrunk to a very tiny size and she must depend on her toys to win a battle against the evil mouse king. The music and dance of the Nutcracker is well known to all fans of ballet and many non-fans as well.


The Rite of Spring (Le Sacre du Printemps)

If your girlfriend wants to take you to this ballet, you should consider yourself quite lucky. Usually, an evening at the ballet will last up to two hours. This ballet, written by Igor Stravinsky, takes only about 30 minutes. In addition to the non-taxing amount of time, “The Rite of Spring” features beautiful dancing and emotional performances.

“A Midsummer  Night’s Dream”

This is another ballet that is based on the words of William Shakespeare. It did not become a ballet until 1962. The music for this popular ballet was written by Felix Mendelsson and choreographed by Fredrick Ashton. It has become one of the most popular ballets of all-time. Even if you’ve seen a production of Shakespeare’s play, the ballet version features fantastic choreography, coupled with a whimsical story.


“The Sleeping Beauty”

Walt Disney’s famous movie is based on this wonderful ballet, which features the music of Tchaikovsky and the choreography of Marius Petipa. This was originally performed in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1890. It is the story of a princess who is cursed to sleep 100 years and she does not wake up until she receives a kiss from a prince. The prince and the princess get married at the end of the ballet.