Nothing will get you more free beers, more quick money, more angry drunk guys wanting to kill you or more impressed women than knowing great bar tricks. Below are a few you should put into your repertoire for any time you are bored at the local watering hole.


Remove Bill From Between Two Bottles Make sure the bottles are lined up so they won’t fall. Place a (high dollar) bill between the bottles, bending the bill to make sure the bottles are properly balanced. Grab the bill with your left hand and hit the bill by where you are pulling with your right index finger. You want to do this as fast as you can, so you can pull the bill out and the bottles won’t fall.


Bend a Cigarette Without Breaking It A cool and easy trick that entails bending a cigarette without breaking it. Simply roll a cigarette tightly in a bill and you can bend and twist it anyway you want, as long as the bill is wrapped around the cigarette. This will win you a lot of beers, if not money.


Jumping Matches A simple trick that makes you look like you have telepathic powers. Take two wooden matches, hold one between your index finger and thumb on your left and hand and balance the other one on that match and your index finger on your right. Wait a second, pretend to concentrate and the match will “jump” off. You know how it happens? Your heartbeat, pumping blood through your finger.


Skinny Side Landing Bet someone that you can drop a cardboard match from one of those cheap packets and have it land on it’s skinny side. If they accept, simply bend one of those matches into an “L” and drop it. Nine times out of ten it will land on it’s skinny side, winning you the bet but probably losing you a friend.


Circumference or Height? A physics bar trick? This will befuddle drunks every time. Ask people if they think the height or circumference of the glass is longer. Most people will say height, but it’s usually the circumference every time, unless you are drinking out of those incredibly long boots. Prove it to them by simply wrapping a string around the glass and then holding the length up beside the glass.


Bottle Cap Trick You’ll need an empty bottle and a bent bottle cap. Turn the bottle on its side, place the bent bottle cap (bent perfectly in half) in the mouth of the bottle and bet someone they can’t blow the bottle cap into the bottle. They won’t be able to—it’s physically impossible and money or a beer will be yours.